10 Ways to Tell You Live the Internet LIfestyle

I’ve been making a living doing what I love full-time since 2002 (although I started in 1998 when I was just 20, but at the time I wasn’t making much money and lived as a hippie hobo for a few years).

Since 2004, I’ve worked hard to create what I call the “Internet Lifestyle.” This is the famous lifestyle that every book or website wants to sell you, from the 4-Hour Workweek to all the make-money-quick products you can find online.

The Internet Lifestyle means that you can work very little, make a lot of money, passive income, work from anywhere, travel the world, work in your pajamas, avoid the complications of other businesses like a big staff and payroll, and essentially live the life of a traveling rock-star or stay-at-home millionaire if you want to.

While many claim to live the Internet Lifestyle, most are closet workaholics who stress out about their work constantly, and in the end, have created the exact same “world” that everybody else has to deal with.

Others are simply liars, pretending to make a lot of money while actually not being very successful in reality.

I can say I truly live the Internet Lifestyle. I’ve worked hard to get there, and now I mostly work smart.

I’ve lived the Internet Lifestyle while in my 20s, now in my 30s. I’ve done it while staying at home, and also while traveling the world. I’ve visited more than 30 countries in my life, and I’ve lived in many of them for extensive periods of time. I even moved to Costa Rica for a while.

I’ve done an 8 month-trip around the world where I managed to get my business to fuel this  trip.

I’ve lived the Internet Lifestyle while being single, while being married, and now while being single again (my marriage lasted 2 years and ended last July).

How can you tell if someone is truly living the Internet Lifestyle? A peak into my life…


They take a lot of baths

I don’t know why, but I’m a bather. In my teens, the house was often cold and I intended up waking up early and taking a bath first thing in the morning, while reading a books. I was a voracious reader at the time and probably read hundreds of books in the bathtub! I still read a lot, and mostly in my bathtub. Fortunately, the Internet Lifestyle allows be to take baths often at odd times during the day, when every body else is working.


They know the UPS guy by their first name

People are pretty friendly in Canada, and you eventually get to know a lot of people, including the UPS guy who comes to my house every day it seems (probably not every day, but sometimes it seems like that). Because I work from home, I can order a lot of stuff on the Internet without worrying about picking up the packages. I order all of my personal care products (organic shampoo, that kind of stuff) from the same online pharmacy (well.ca), and lots of stuff on Amazon. I’ve always purchased a lot of books, and even though now kindle books are available, I do buy many physical copies. However, because the Internet lifestyle can force you to spend a lot of time indoors, I make an effort to NOT buy everything online. Especially not groceries and such, and clothes. This forces me at least to go out there and meet people!


They work at odd hours in order to fit everything else they want to do in their lives

I try to stick to more or less the same schedule, but my schedule allows me to plan for the things I want to do. I think about the things I want to do FIRST (like meeting friends, classes, etc.) and then fit my work around that. But generally, I start my work day at more or less the same time, which is 10 a.m. for me, but often 9 a.m. too. (and yes, sometimes I’m up at 4 a.m. working because I can’t sleep).


They plan multiple trips abroad every year, traveling more than 3-4 months out of the year, mostly for fun

Some Internet Marketers don’t travel very much. I don’t understand, because this lifestyle makes it so easy to do so. With a laptop, you can go anywhere. And once you’ve set up your business properly, you can get everything done in 1-2 days a week if you need to.

Last week, I was in San Diego meeting a friend. Then from there, I flew to Vancouver, to pick up a few things that I left from the days I was living there, and meet some friends. I’m back in Montreal, before flying to Paris on Thursday. Then in May, I’m going to Munich, Germany, and other countries in the area for a month or so, maybe longer.

All of these trips also cost me almost nothing, because I use the system that I presented in my program “How to Travel the World for Free” at http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/travel


They can be the worst hermits and have a great social life… at the same time

Don’t come to my house at any time during the day, please! You’ll often see me wearing the same ugly clothes full of mustard stains and whatnot, probably you’ll find me unshaved and in an overall slovenly appearance.

But come dinner time, I often have something planned for the evening. That’s when I perform my transformation, and make myself look presentable again. So my friends think I’m a normal human being with a social life, but if anyone came to see me earlier during the day, they might think otherwise…

Why don’t I just get ready earlier in the day? I just don’t feel like it.


They have time to pursue other dreams that most people have given up on.

How many old hobbies have you given up? The Internet Lifestyle allows you extra time to pursue them. Right now, I’m learning languages. I’m reviving my German, and learning Czech. And I can devote a good 2 hours a day to this. I have time to take up classes, and so on, without interfering with my work, because I can fit my work AROUND those things.


They make abrupt decisions to move to other parts of the country… or the world.

Many Internet Marketers I know relocate to other parts of their country. Many have settled in milder climates, like California. I did move to Costa Rica one two occasions. I lived in Vancouver. And now I’ve settled for an interesting year of house sitting and traveling. I’ll probably be spending the entire summer in Europe.

Not everybody will want to do that, but if it excites you, it’s possible!


They schedule their work around their inspiration and their energy levels, rather than the other way around

Last week I told you about my sloppy routine. The truth is, I change my routine all the time based on my priorities and energy levels. Sometimes, I work more. Sometimes, I work less. It depends what the priority is in my life at the moment. I go through periods of extreme productivity, and then alternate that with periods of working only a few hours a week. Sometimes I lock myself up in a hotel room for a day or two to complete a project.

In this business, it’s not the number of hours that you work that count, but the quality of your work. It’s your inspiration. If you try to force the inspiration upon you, it won’t work. But if you follow the inspiration and run with it, you’ll accomplish great things.


They run errands and go to the gym while everybody else is working

I discovered a while ago that I could always avoid traffic and crowds if I used my Internet Lifestyle to run errands while most people are working. That’s why I go to the gym in the middle of the day. For errands, I usually take one or two days a month that I call an “errand day” and I do everything that needs to be done that day. I’m not talking about going to the bank or grocery shopping, which is what I tend to do whenever it works, but always avoiding high-traffic times.

CLUE #10

They have the hardest time explaining what they do for a living

Because of my lifestyle and everything I described earlier, I have a hard time describing what I do for a living. So I usually keep it simple and say that I “publish books online” and then if people want more information, I give them more information. Fortunately, now people don’t view what I do with skepticism. When I was a bit younger, the Internet was also younger. Whenever I would tell people I made a living online, their first reaction was usually… “So, can you actually do a FULL-time living that way.” They had a hard time believing that a kid like me could make it only with a website and no part-time job. But now, people know it’s possible. They just don’t really understand how I’m doing it…

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