A Trick to Kick Start Your Passion

Businessman Hotel Room Working

I used to rent hotel rooms for a weekend just so that I could complete a massive project quickly, such as finishing a new product or website.

The hotel might have been only a few miles away from my home, and not in an attractive location, but my reasons for booking it was to get things done.

I picked up this trick years ago from Jimmy D. Brown, an author on all things marketing related.

He called it the “Lock-In.”

You lock yourself in a hotel room for one or two days and get things done!

Does it work? And if so, why?

We get stuck in our ways. We develop bad habits. And those habits are entrenched in the place where we live, which is full of distractions.

When we go somewhere new — it’s a clean slate.

A hotel room is neutral. There is no distraction. You come to a curated space. You put your laptop on the empty desk. You turn off notifications on your phone, and you start working on your project.

It’s that simple!

Arrive on a Thursday at 2 p.m. and work nonstop until you fall asleep. Power yourself with caffeine if needed. Go to bed late.

The next day, get up whenever you want, and keep working until they kick you out of the room.

For a more intense version of this “Lock-In,” extend your stay by one more day.

Another reason why this works is that there is some degree of accountability. You don’t want to “waste” this hotel stay. It serves no other purpose than to work!

The Relocation: Another Way to Kickstart Your Passion

If you feel stuck in your ways, a way to kickstart your passion is to relocate somewhere else for a few weeks or even months.

Many writers and creative people throughout the ages have done this. Chopin wrote his famous preludes while on “vacation” on the Spanish island of Majorca.

You can go anywhere that inspires you and where your budget allows.

It could be a vacation home. Or it could be a place you rent on AirBnb. But it should not be a place where you will be distracted, such as staying at your parents’ house.

Peace and quiet in a different environment: that’s the recipe that creative people have used for ages.

If you’re not going anywhere with your project, a “lock-in” or relocation might just be what you need!

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