Keep. Your. Mouth. Shut.

I got a lot of comments from the last ezine on “keeping your mouth shut and not sharing your dreams.”
Based on the emails that I’ve received, I’d like to clarify a few things.

I’m still 100% convinced that in general, it’s better to keep your mouth shut about your dreams than seek advice from every corner. In fact, the more you get other people’s opinions, the more you’ll start to doubt your goal.
There are a few caveats:

You can share your goals with people who have the same passion, interest or knowledge and who can help you accomplish them.

Behavior vs. Results

One of the most important insights that I got recently in self-help, and not from the usual results, is the concept of behavior vs.… Read More »

Why I Don’t Play the Piano and Speak Chinese

Here’s an obvious but important concept for you: everything we do is at the expense of something else that we can’t do.

Economists call this the “opportunity cost.”

If you go to the movies one night, that means you can’t also go to the theater. Or you can’t go work out. Or work on your business. Or stay home and cook for the week.

Of course, you could go to the movies one night, and then do other things the next day, but there is eventually a limit to the number of activities you can do.

If you buy a house, that means your down payment can’t be used for something else. And vice-versa.

There’s always an opportunity cost to what you can do with your time and resources.… Read More »

A Trick to Kick Start Your Passion

Businessman Hotel Room Working

I used to rent hotel rooms for a weekend just so that I could complete a massive project quickly, such as finishing a new product or website.

The hotel might have been only a few miles away from my home, and not in an attractive location, but my reasons for booking it was to get things done.

I picked up this trick years ago from Jimmy D. Brown, an author on all things marketing related.

He called it the “Lock-In.”

You lock yourself in a hotel room for one or two days and get things done!

Does it work? And if so, why?

We get stuck in our ways. We develop bad habits. And those habits are entrenched in the place where we live, which is full of distractions.… Read More »

The Lie of Success: Be Balanced

work life balance

Recently an article came up in my Facebook feed called, “7 Secrets of Successful People to Living a Balanced Life.”

This article painted a fantasy world where high-level CEOs and other successful individuals are superhuman beings who can remain perfectly balanced in every aspect of their life.

They find the time to exercise exactly 40 minutes a day.

They spend the exact amount of time they should with their kids as proven by the most recent scientific research.

They make sure never to neglect their friends and family.

They, of course, meditate every day and pursue a spiritual path.

They even take on new hobbies like learning a language or a musical instrument!

On top of that, they volunteer for causes in which they believe.… Read More »

Where to Be a Snowbird

In my last article, I talked about the cost of spending the winter South as a “Snowbird.” Now let me share with you the pros and cons of different locations to do this.

Southern US States — Florida, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas. This is the destination of choice for most Canadian snowbirds. They’re all accessible driving for North Americans, and can all be relatively inexpensive. However, the big negative for me is that: they’re not warm enough. As any resident of the Sunshine State knows: there is a winter in Florida! I’ve been bitterly cold in Fort Lauderdale in February, and January can be even worst. I once spent December and January in Corpus Christi, Texas — and although it was sunny and beautiful, it was by no means “warm.” Having spent a couple of years in San Diego, I can also testify to the possibility of a rainy and cold winter in Southern California!Read More »

Success in Wellness Podcast #1 – How To Succeed Where Others Have Failed

Today we discuss how to succeed with starting an online business in the natural health space. I talk with Natasha St-Michael of and together we go over the different money issues that you need to think about when starting an online business about natural health.

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Travel Gear You ACTUALLY Need

Whether you are going on a trip around the world for nine months or just taking a short trip and want to make your life easier, I’m going to show you what I found that works and I find essential.

But first, let’s talk about a few things that made sense when I heard about them, but turned out to be items I never used or too “techy” for the purpose they served.

What You Won’t Need

You might come across some of these items on various travel gear lists on the Web. In my experience, they are not necessary.

7492975276_27a15771ea_bA “Spork”

This is a combination of a fork and spoon, and sometimes a knife too! Unnecessary unless you go camping.Read More »

Tips for Traveling With Less

I’d like to share with you a few tips that will make your life easier as a traveler, whether it is for a trip around the world or only visiting family in Tucson.

There are many blogs on the topic, and you can find a ton of ideas if you browse a little, so I’m going to be as accurate as possible to make it easier for you. The goal is not to become a truly “minimalist” traveler but merely get by with less stuff that you have to carry around and remove some of the hassle out of traveling.

Clothing — Most people bring way too much. The goal is to bring as little clothing as possible and not have to do laundry very often.… Read More »

Don’t Listen to Successful People

My Facebook feed is filled with articles such as:

  • 10 Things Successful People do Differently
  • The Morning Routine of Successful People
  • 5 Things Rich People Do Differently

I’ve always been very skeptical of those articles, finding no real value in them. Now, science is coming to the rescue proving why this type of advice does NOT work.

One of the best explanations of WHY that is is a little video I found recently.

The analogy made in the video is VERY revealing.

How to Be Right 10 Weeks in a Row

  • You take 50K people and tell half of them that the stock market will go up and the other half that it will go down.
  • Every week only contact the people who received the right prediction.
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