Don’t Listen to Successful People

My Facebook feed is filled with articles such as:

  • 10 Things Successful People do Differently
  • The Morning Routine of Successful People
  • 5 Things Rich People Do Differently

I’ve always been very skeptical of those articles, finding no real value in them. Now, science is coming to the rescue proving why this type of advice does NOT work.

One of the best explanations of WHY that is is a little video I found recently.

The analogy made in the video is VERY revealing.

How to Be Right 10 Weeks in a Row

  • You take 50K people and tell half of them that the stock market will go up and the other half that it will go down.
  • Every week only contact the people who received the right prediction.
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Can You Afford the Snowbird Lifestyle?
My winter retreat in Costa Rica. 1-bedroom apartment cost me $375/month.
My winter retreat in Costa Rica. 1-bedroom apartment cost me $375/month.

Some birds live in Northern latitudes during the summer and migrate South during the winter. How wise of them to do that!

Many Canadians and Americans also do that. Instead of relocating permanently to a Southern State or abroad, they get the best of both worlds by spending a few months in the winter ‘down South.”

Maybe you’ve been to these towns in Florida that have been “invaded” by French Canadian Snowbirds. In some parts of Florida, there are so many of them that they managed to publish their newspaper, get their TV in French and even Canadian banks have opened up locations to get their business there.

It’s often a thing you do at retirement.… Read More »

Winter Amnesia Hits Again!

I wrote a few times before about this strange “phenomenon” I discovered in my early years traveling the world as an author of raw food books.

After my extended visit to California in my early twenties, when I got to meet and work with the pioneers of the raw food diet and lifestyle — David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens and many others — I relocated to Montreal.

I had not experienced a winter in three years!

It was a rude awakening. I came back from this long trip on February 14th, 2000 — Valentine’s Day and the worst snowstorm of the season. The rest of the winter was also unforgiving.

But when spring and summer came, I forgot all about it.

Some years I ended up traveling or relocating to warm countries.… Read More »

Travel Now, Not Later

One of the most common things on a “bucket list” or just a retirement list is to travel the world.

In some ways this makes sense. You’ll retire at some point, or you’ll work less. Presumably, your kids will be busy with their lives; you’ll have plenty of time, and you might even have a retirement nest egg.

So you’ll travel the world!



You should do it a lot sooner!

As people get close to retirement, they sometimes get excited because that when they’ll supposedly get in shape, spend more time with their grandkids, reconnect with old friends or… travel!

My mom, who’s now retired, tells me that people do in retirement exactly what they did in their working lives, except that they might have more time for it. … Read More »

The Write Everyday Challenge!

I’m a few weeks into a “write every day” challenge. I’m on a roll! I’ve already written over 20 new articles and other material.

Why write every day?

It’s a trick used by writers ever since writing has been a profession. The idea is to keep the momentum going. When you write every day, it becomes a habit, and quickly projects that appear significant can happen quickly.

How long does it take to write a book when you write every day?

Weeks or a couple of months, at most.

Write 2000 words a day and you’ll have written a full-length 200-page book in a month!

What about articles?

Writing one article a day means that you’ll have created almost 100 articles after just three months — what I consider to be the minimum for a good content website.… Read More »

You Can’t Force Passion


“Doctor, I lost my passion and my drive, what can I do?”

“Well, it could be because you are depressed. Let’s fill out this questionnaire, and we’ll find out.”

Minutes later…

“I think you’re going through a depressive episode. I’m going to recommend a work cessation for a few weeks, psychotherapy, and also a pharmaceutical solution. Anti-depressants have come a long way. There are some new molecules that are particularly effective and without many side-effects…”

“Doctor, will I regain my passion and my drive after?”


This scene is quite typical, although the questions and answers will be different.

And when you’ve lost your drive and your passion, everyone will have an answer for you. You often don’t need a doctor to give you advice because you’ll find it everywhere!… Read More »

Don’t Tell Anyone About Your Dream

Woman With Finger On Front Of Her Mouth

We’ve heard that one of the best ways to make something happen is accountability.

If we’re accountable for something, then we’re more likely to take action, so the theory goes.

That’s how you have a lot of people say that when you have a goal, you should “announce it aloud” and find a “buddy” who can keep you accountable.

It turns out that it’s the exact opposite of what you should do.

New studies have shown that when people announce their goals, they are less likely to complete them!

And it’s probably because of a few psychological reasons:

1) By declaring a goal, your brain partly thinks it is already accomplished. So it doesn’t feel compelled to take action.
2) We may unconsciously be afraid of failing, or not doing it well, so not taking action is one thing we do to save face.Read More »

Why I’m NOT a Minimalist

Why I’m NOT a Minimalist

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a trend of “minimalism” lately. Here I’m not talking about “essentialism” or other similar concepts of owning only the most important things and simplifying your life. I’m all for that.

Minimalism is an extreme of that philosophy.

I could summarize it as such: I’m going to get really creative about how little stuff I can own or travel with and then brag about it endlessly on social media.

One YouTuber has a video where she shows off her “minimalist” apartment. The apartment is HUGE but so empty that you can still hear the echo because there’s no furniture soften the sound. Every room contains the strict minimum, and you’re almost blinded by the whiteness of it all.… Read More »

Why You Should Never Buy a House in Costa Rica

Please, don’t buy a house in Costa Rica, Ecuador, or some second or third-world country because you’ve fantasized about moving to a tropical paradise.

Just don’t do it!

Countless of people fall for this mistake because they want to retire overseas, have been to some conference and now are convinced that they’re ready to make the move.

Arrrgh! I’m cringing here. Noooo!

First, if you want to live abroad, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with that. But know that you’ll save yourself lots of trouble if you just rent.

Before buying, you’re advised by “experts” to spend at least six months in the country to decide if you like it.

But do you really think that six months is going to tell you everything you need to know about a country, about all the intricacies, the red tape, the cultural difference, and the TRUE crime situation?… Read More »

Trump Aftermath: a Bit of Harry Browne Wisdom!

Harry Browne

On this morning the day after the US elections, people are either angry or ecstatic about the results.

I’m tempted to quote from Harry Browne’s book “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.

In a chapter titled “The Utopia Trap,” he writes:

“The utopia trap is the belief that you must create better conditions in society before you can be free.

It’s easy to feel that society needs an overhaul (major or minor) before you’ll be able to live freely. As a result, you can devote a great deal of effort to attempts to make others understand what you see, to the passing of laws, to a quest for a better society.

While you’re doing this, you obviously give up a great deal of time and other resources that could have been used to enjoy life.

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