The First Thing to Do to Make Money Online

Some people have asked me, “What is the very first thing I should do to start making money on the Internet?” It’s not always obvious to answer that question, because there are a lot of possible answers.

First, let’s take a look at what are some of the steps necessary to successfully earn a living online:

You need a list

You need a TOPIC and a domain name

You need a website

You need some products to sell

You need TRAFFIC to your website

You need credibility

You need a salesletter for your products

You need to know WHY you’re doing this. What is your ultimate goal?

In my course “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement,” I spend a lot of time covering the plan.… Read More »

How Much Stuff to Bring on a Trip?

Traveller woman

The countdown for my trip around the world has already started. We’re now in December 2009 and the trip officially starts as early as June 2010!

In case you don’t know, I recently announced that next year I’ll be going on a one-year trip around the world discover many beautiful places around the world, but also use this opportunity to prove that it’s really possible to live the “Do What You Love Lifestyle”, as I like to call it.

As I started preparing for this trip, I realized that all of my initial ideas of how I was going to travel had to change.

One thing that became very clear is that I needed to find a way to bring a lot less stuff with me than I initially envisioned.… Read More »

Has the eBook Era Arrived?

About a year ago, I predicted that eBooks would become an increasingly big market within a few years.

I now believe that we’re approaching a “tipping point” that will throw us in the eBook era a lot faster than I expected.

The main player in the industry at the moment is, who a little over 2 years ago (in November 2007) introduced the Kindle, an eBook reading device.

Although they won’t reveal exactly how many Kindles they have released, it seems that the device and the sales of eBooks are doing very, very well.


Currently, the “hottest” sector in the technology industry is in the growing field of eBook reading devices using electronic ink.

Amazon proved there could be a market for these products, and now major players in the field are coming in.… Read More »

How to Get a Flow of Ideas

I have found that your work space (for example, your home office) is a perfect place for executing ideas, but a very poor one for generating ideas. Like most writers, I have found that your best ideas come when you’re not working.

The best ideas come when you remove yourself from your normal work environment. The most effective one I have found is traveling, especially to an interesting and new environment.

If you want to get a fresh new perspective on your life and on your work, go on a trip. Travel somewhere new. Take the train, book a flight somewhere, go visit a relative, or go on a road trip. Do a little “airport”, as author Stuart Wilde would say, but make sure you carry a good notebook with you, because ideas are likely to just start flowing!… Read More »

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