How Many eBooks Will You Write This Year?

I recently got an eBook from Marlon Sanders, a great Internet Marketer that I’ve been following for many years. His program is called “The Writer’s Secret” and it’s basically one eBook that tells his philosophy for selling eBooks.

Marlon claims that he can usually release a new eBook to his list every 1-2 months, and that eBooks are his main source of income.

The eBooks he sells are often turned into different products and are not called “eBooks”, for example, he has several tutorial-types of programs called “Dashboards” that are basically web pages with little icons where you can follow a step-by-step plan for starting your online business. Each icon takes you to a web page where you can read about the particular step.… Read More »

How to Only Work Every Other Week

I was recently inspired by an article by Steve Pavlina ( on a method for productivity, which consists of working like crazy for a week, and then taking a week off to focus on your personal life.

Steve always has interesting articles and this one caught my attention. So this week I’m turning into a workaholic, working 10-12+ hours every day and doing almost nothing else.

Next week, I’ll be doing almost no work (except a few emails) and instead I’ll focus on all those personal projects I’ve put on hold for too long.

Even though I’ve never tried this particular technique before, I’ve experimented with various ways to separate my work and personal life.

For example, for a number of years a favorite method of mine used to be to rent a hotel room for the weekend and “lock myself up” to work on a single project.… Read More »

Are You Trying to Hide From the Government?

Are You Trying to Hide From Them?

In my travels, I meet more and more people who are trying to live off the grid. They think they can somehow avoid being part of the SYSTEM.

Who is the SYSTEM? Governments, banks, big business?

They are fooling themselves!

Special Notice:

This week, you can get a special bonus… my new 99-page eBook called “Aunt Lise Secrets to Retiring Early.”

This new eBooks details the method that my aunt Lise used to retire early, and one that you can use to retire or semi-retire in 10 years or less! Or, simply to get more freedom to fund your lifestyle.

This bonus will sell for $97 sparately. Get it now along with the course on how to write eBooks!Read More »

The Trap of “Freedom”

In a recent video, the famous YouTuber “Freelee” said that freedom is her highest value.

And this made me reflect on the topic of freedom because I also used to think that freedom was my highest value.

Until I realized that it could be a trap.

Why? Because putting freedom as your highest value is self-limiting and can quickly turn into a prison.

It might sound strange to say that freedom can become a prison, because to most people, having more freedom only seems to be a positive thing. So let me explain.

For years, I valued freedom so much that I designed my life around it.

I enjoyed having a work that gave me so much freedom. I could work from anywhere!… Read More »

Taking the Summer Off

I just got back from my summer away from work. That’s right, for almost eight weeks. I stopped all of my internet work activities. One could call it a vacation or a stay-cation. Call it whatever you want, but it’s a dream many people have. The most common response I received was, “I wish I could do that.”

The best part about it is that, after I came back from my time off, I realized I had been just as profitable as the months prior to my summer. In other words, I made the same amount of money not working as working.

So how did I pull it off?

Naturally, there was some preparation, however, it’s not necessarily what you’d think.… Read More »

Working a few hours a week, is it possible?

Tim Ferriss famously wrote a book titled The Four Hour Work Week, which was criticized for its title by a lot of people who never read it. Of course,  The Four Hour Work Week sounds ludicrous. Even Ferriss himself shies away from that title, acknowledging nowadays that he doesn’t work four hours a week.

However, in the book Ferriss clearly lays out a plan that works if you truly understand it. In fact, I am convinced that he could have kept working only four hours a week using his method and never tried another venture again, but it is clear that he enjoys working on various projects and that overtook his desire for time and freedom.

Let’s go back to the concept of working only four hours a week.… Read More »

How to be Pretty Good

I’m 40 years old, I’ve been making a living in the raw food world for 20 years now, and exclusively online since 2004.

I think I have a pretty good business.

I’ve always been able to make a great living, and do more things than most of my friends with “regular jobs.”

I’ve met plenty of people who make more than I do, but they also work more. As far as I can tell, they don’t take several weeks or months of vacation per year to travel the world. They work all the time.

They choose to drive BMW’s and live in a big, fancy house. I prefer to work less, enjoy what I do, and travel the world.

I consider that a pretty good lifestyle.… Read More »

Don’t Make This Mistake

I see people making this mistake over and over again when they are building an internet business: they don’t ask themselves enough questions in the beginning. They just want to make a living doing something they love, but they often choose the wrong business model to get them there.

You have to ask yourself questions about why you are creating an internet business. What exactly are you after?

  • Is it the passion of spreading the word about something that is aligned with your values?
  • Is it about making more money?
  • Is it about working less and having more free time?

If you don’t ask yourself these questions, you will end up making the mistake that I once made (and many others have), which is to create a business that doesn’t fit your specific needs.… Read More »

What to do With Negative Comments

People who start a blog often get dragged down by an occasional negative comment. The web can be great, but unfortunately, it has also become a place for people to complain or tear others down.

Receiving negative comments is particularly true in the health movement. People will judge you, make rude comments, and even discuss your appearance. They’re going to analyze your every move!

The question is: do you have skin thick enough to take the heat?

For example, recently someone made a comment on my blog; They said, “Oh my, Frederic. When I look at [the] picture on your blog, I’m shocked by how much you’ve aged!”

In the past, I would have felt offended by this. Now, a comment such as this doesn’t affect me at all.… Read More »

Is Working Three Hours a Day Realistic?

I did a survey recently for my Do What You Love readers, and the results were very interesting to me. I discovered that most people are interested in having more free time and working a few hours a day doing what they love, rather than earning huge amounts of dough.

The motivations for most people to start making a living doing what they love are time and freedom. It’s not to become rich and successful.

If I go back to 1998, which is the year I started earning a living doing what I love in the field of raw foods (at the ripe age of 22!), I know for a fact that my motivation was NOT becoming rich and successful.

At that time, all I wanted to do was to become involved in this field that I was passionate about and earn a living that way.… Read More »