Tiny Houses and Retiring Early

Living in a small space can lead to some challenging acrobatics…

When I lived in San Diego in the late 90s, I stayed for a while in a 95 square foot home-made room, roughly built on plywood platform and with nothing more than a tin roof and bed sheets as “walls.” Almost the entire space was taken up by a futon bed, but I had electricity and access to a house, where I could take a shower and eat.

To get to my room, I had to walk through a garden filled with fruit trees, down a canyon, and jump on a platform that had been built for the purpose of holding my “room.” The structure was solid, but I was risking my life every time I jumped on that damn platform!… Read More »

What is the Most Important Skill I Can Learn?

In this video I will share with you the most important skill you can learn when you are getting started as a marketer.

Leave your comments below:… Read More »

What is your most important question about Making a Living in Natural Health?

Would you like to be able to make a living doing what you love with your passion for natural health?

For over 15 years, I’ve been making a living on the Internet with my passion for natural health. I’ve been able to build a complete, semi-automated business that works for me, even when I’m not working. In the past year, I was able to travel to over 25 countries around the world (a trip that took me from Iceland to Tahiti), and continued making a living and financing the trip with my business.

There’s a lot that goes into making a living online and it can get overwhelming and confusing.

It’s been a few years since I asked and…

What I want to know is – what is your biggest question when it comes to making a living doing what you love with an online business?… Read More »

How a Mediocre Raw Food Chef Became Successful

About 15 years ago, I became known as a raw food expert by writing a recipe book called “The Sunfood Cuisine” that was published by a well known raw food company. This book sold tens of thousands of copies and got me known in the raw food world.

At the time, I thought I was a pretty decent raw food chef. I had studied at some of the biggest raw food restaurants at the time and learned a few of their tricks.

Before I get into this, an announcement:

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So my recipe book was one of the first to present a good number of tasty raw food recipes appealing to a big audience.… Read More »

How to Stop Making Excuses

Today I will remove my “nice guy” hat and give gentle “kick in the butt” that some of you may desperately need.

I’ve been quite pleased to see the results that some of my students have experienced. Nothing pleases me more than to learn that one of my students is now making a full time living doing what they love!

But because I have to use the word “some”, I will also speak to the rest of you who are not yet getting the results you’ve been working for.
I’ll start with a little example of my friend Corey (not his real name). Corey is a super nice guy, he’s super intelligent and has done my course “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement” (good for him).… Read More »

Staying Focused At Home

When most people think about “going to work” or “working”, they think of driving to an office somewhere and doing work with all sorts of other people. Not me, however.

I feel very grateful for being able to work from just about anywhere.

In the last year I have travelled to Paris, Munich, Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco, all on separate trips. And thanks to the power of the internet, I can get all of my work done during these times I’m traveling anywhere in the world.

Of course there are times in the year where I take a full vacation and leave my computer behind. Sometimes it’s nice to totally unplug. But just having the option to work from anywhere can be extremely liberating, even if you still take your computer with you to catch up on work.… Read More »

The World’s Most Relaxing and Stress-Reducing Music

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The World’s Most Relaxing and Stress-Reducing Music 

I’m a huge music lover, and every day I must get my fix of classical music. Now that summer is hear I love to just relax on vacation and listen to my favourite composers.

My tastes are quite varied: from Bach to the most cutting-edge, uncompromising, modern music.

I often sit down and just listen to music instead of watching a movie. If that’s the case, I want music that’s interesting, challenging and “tells a story.” For example, a late Beethoven string quartet, or a Mahler symphony.

But when I listen to Beethoven, my dog gets scared! That’s because the music quickly jumps from a calm state to a very violent one.

So sometimes, I want relaxing music that’s going to take the edge off and not scared the hell out of my pets or neighbors…

I’m talking about music that you can fall asleep to, or use to get to a meditative state.… Read More »

Why We Procrastinate

We’ve all been there. There’s a big project to complete and as the deadline approaches, you find yourself avoiding work. You’d rather do anything but concentrate on the project at hand. This is how you find yourself cleaning your refrigerator, mowing the lawn, any number of other things, so you sense you’ve accomplished something that day, but you haven’t worked on the big project.

In my life, I’ve had phases of productivity, and I’ve had phases of procrastination where I avoided work. It became an interest of mine to find out exactly what procrastination is and how it works.

Why do we procrastinate?

There are many theories and while I think most of them are BS, the one that makes the most sense to me is rooted in our psychology.… Read More »

The Joy of Not Working

Recently, I came across an interesting book with a curious title, The Joy of Not Working. Although it sounds like a book for retirees, it’s a book about learning how to enjoy your time off, whether you are retired, or you want to downsize and live your life less focused on work and more focused on leisure.

Leisure is a term not said with a lot of enthusiasm in the United States of America, in a culture where work and productivity are what is praised. In fact, we tend to value our lives in terms of how productive we are.

There’s this myth that as soon as people stop working, they instantly become miserable.

Ernie J. Zelinski, the author of the book, The Joy of Not Working, explains, most people become unhappy when they retire because they do not have varied interests in life.… Read More »