Should You Ditch the Laptop?
I had a debate with a friend of mine, who is also an internet marketer, as to whether one should bring a laptop on a vacation or a trip.

The question is not so much whether you should bring a laptop versus a tablet or another form of device when going on a business trip, but more about whether you should bring a computer at all when you’re trying to take a break away from work.

My friend had voted for the position of bringing a laptop, because he said that it’s almost more stressful to prepare for a trip and get all the emails and everything ready so that you don’t have to take your laptop on a vacation, than it is to simply bring the laptop and handle a few things while you’re taking your vacation.… Read More »
22 Rules of Easier Traveling

22 Rules of Easier Traveling

A friend of mine recently took a trip to visit family abroad, and she came back from the trip completely exhausted from having spent so much time with others, and no time for herself.

She even caught a virus, and she wanted to change her flight because she realized there was too much time between the connections, she realized that it was going to be too expensive to do so.

I told her, “when you get back I’m going to give you my rules of traveling that I’ve learned over the years and after many trips.”- My personal rules!

I thought it would be interesting to write an article about this because I’ve never really shared this information before.… Read More »

What’s Wrong with the Expat Fantasy?

I Used to Have the Expat Fantasy

A lot of people have fantasies of moving to a tropical paradise where everything costs less, and life is taken at a slower pace and easier. I definitely thought that, and had many fantasies about how great my life would be if I lived in a tropical paradise.

I thought my life was going to be better if I moved to some tropical paradise like Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Southeast Asia, etc.

I even dreamed about moving to super exotic places like the South Pacific, French Polynesia, or the Cook Islands. I was in love with those beautiful lagoons, amazing jungles, and beaches.

I took my expat fantasy a step further by actually moving to Costa Rica.… Read More »

Do You Need to Have a “Passion” To Make A Living?

I think one of the most stupid all-encompassing statements I’ve heard pushed over and over again in personal development fields is the notion that you have to make a living with your passion!

Now the reason I’m bringing this up is because I recently got an email from a reader. He says:

“Really, it sounds stupid but, for the life of me I can’t really say I have a passion. I’ve read books, taken tests, I look at what I like and I just can’t see that others would need to know some of the things that I know. My biggest question is just – how do I know what I’m really passionate about?”

I know you’re going to say… Fred, don’t you talk about making a living with your passion?… Read More »

Why I Stopped Working From Home


When you work the 9 to 5 in an office space, working from home can seem like paradise. Ultimate freedom! Do what you love! Work in your pajamas! Take a bath in the middle of the day! Save on transportation. Save time.

There are some distinct advantages to working from home, the biggest one being that you can work from anywhere. Which means that you can relocate to any place you want, and even travel while maintaining a business that generates passive income for you.


But there are downsides, including:

– The lack of social interactions
– No difference between “work” and “play,” which means that you’re home all the time and never have the relaxing feeling of “coming home.”
– Bad habits can creep up: distractions, having to take care of household chores such as laundry, lack of focus, etc.… Read More »

Stop Working So Damn Hard, Frederic

When I first started making a living with my website, I was trying to do everything myself.

I became a webmaster. I learned everything I could about building websites. I never got very good at it! But I did spend a lot of time building my website myself.

The reason was that in 1999 if you didn’t know how to create a website using HTML, you had to pay someone thousands of dollars to do it for you. Nowadays, there are easy templates — and no programming skills are required. Plus, web designers charge a lot less than they did back then.

In 2004, I would write articles for my website and personally ship out every order that came in for my books.… Read More »

Advice for Low Achievers

I recently read a fascinating book called “What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do the Opposite.”

In one chapter of the book, the latest research on neuroscience and low achievers versus high achievers was explained.

Some people—and we know who they are—seem to have boundless energy and the unwavering determination to succeed, while others struggle to get things done. Left to their own devices, these people become world class flaneur, Bohemians or losers. Most people kind of fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

What this research found is that the high achievers are motivated by the thought of success; the low achievers are not.

Low achievers just want to do what they love doing.… Read More »

Interview With Natasha St-Michael: On Living Your Dreams and Moving to Bali

natasha-test-dwyl-150x150Today I’ve got an interview to share with you with Natasha St-Michael, from the website

Natasha took my course “How to Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business” six years ago and did what most people only dream of: within a year, she started a location-independent business, sharing her passion for health, and moved to Bali! She now has over 50,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and continues living in accordance with her passions and values.

I wanted to know more about how she made it happen, so I asked her a few questions for you.

Here’s my interview with Natasha…

Where did you grow up and what did you study?

I grew up in Montreal, Canada. My profession before I got into natural health was as a fine artist.… Read More »

How I Started My Business in a Tent

I don’t know if I’ve ever told this story before, but I started my business in a tent.

In 1996, I was 20 years old, and I had recently discovered Natural Hygiene and raw foods. I was so passionate about this topic that I decided that I wanted to make a living with it. I had no idea how to do this.

A year later, I embarked on a journey that took me to California where I worked with the prominent people in the raw food scene, which was gaining momentum over there.

I was young & broke.

For the first six months, I crashed at people’s places — friends and connections that I met along the way that were nice enough to host me.Read More »

How Do You Make a Full-Time Living Online?

How do you actually make a full-time living on the Internet? I see essentially two ways of doing it.

All the people that I know who are successful with an internet business do one of two things, and I will exclude from that list various start-ups and businesses that rely on selling physical goods.

For example, my friend Kevin Gianni has a great business selling skin care products, but it is also a big operation with more than ten or twelve employees, and it’s growing all the time.

The kind of business that I’m talking about is one where you can be perfectly mobile, where you can live and work from anywhere and generally one that doesn’t require any employees. One that gives you a degree of freedom that I think most of my readers are looking for.… Read More »