Unbathed Monster of a Sloth

Once a week, I have what I call a “Lazy Productive Day.” This is a day where I don’t want anyone uninvited to show up at my doorstep.

Why? Because they’d find an unbathed Fred in his pyjamas (likely with some smoothie stains on them), with an unkempt beard and dirty dishes in the sink. On these days, I don’t bother having a schedule. I stay home and write! I may blast music. I certainly won’t drive to the gym in the morning. I’ll eat whatever I have in the fridge.

Being “lazy” can be your most productive time

This sounds like the sloth-fest of a semi-depressive person, but it’s my most productive day of the week! Why? Because I don’t try to do anything else except work on projects that are important.… Read More »

What If I’m Not Tech Savvy?

Recently, I was talking to a client who wanted to know if it was possible for him to make a living on the internet. Here’s the situation: this particular person, like many others, wants a life change. He wants the freedom to work from anywhere, work his own hours and is tired of his job. “I feel like it’s draining my life force away,” he said. So the plan is to start an online business, but the problem is that he doesn’t have the technical skills, so he says, to make it work.

It’s quite intimidating at first. When I showed him how I update my web pages or put together a blog post he says, “It seems so easy for you, but it looks quite complicated to me.” I think a lot of people can relate to this because an internet business sounds like a great idea, but the learning curve is a little intimidating.… Read More »

When Giving Up a Dream Is the Best Option

“Live your dreams,” they say!

But sometimes, giving up on a dream is the best option. You need to do it to move forward.

The first big dream I gave up was to become a musician.

I studied classical guitar, right after high school, for three years non-stop, practicing and studying 10-12 hours a day.

I knew that wouldn’t be the next Julian Bream, but I thought I could make a living with music. And had I not “abandoned” this project, I could probably have done it.

But I gave up on my dream… wisely.

I realized that the dream had served me for a while, but it was time to move on. I knew that I loved music, but it wasn’t in my “blood.” Others have started ten years before me and would still struggle to break through.… Read More »

When Good Friends Give Bad Advice

Your friends love you, but they’re usually not qualified for giving advice on particular topics such relationships, your career, or other important life decisions. This also extends to family members.

Your friends will always see you through a very specific lens: their own. They always look at your situation from their perspective; they’ll analyze your situation from the point of view that would make them happy.

Your friends and family members will also be resistant to change. Changing your life may mean that they might lose you in the process.

For example, if you talk about changing your diet, your friends might bring up objections. Deep down inside, they are worried that you won’t have anything in common with them; your habits will become different from each other and that your mutual friendship might disappear because of the change.… Read More »

Getting to 5th Gear

Recently, I got into my car and reached for the clutch, even though I have an automatic (like most people in North America).

That’s because I just drove a standard car for a week. It was interesting that after just a few days of driving a standard, my brain was already reprogrammed.

Now, I want to make an analogy about productivity and the different gears in a car. If you’ve ever driven a standard, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So, here it goes.

A typical car has four or five speeds. Whether your car does the shifting automatically or you do it yourself, you inevitably gain momentum, which enables you to shift gears. First gear is just kind of getting there.… Read More »

Where To Be A Tech Nomad

I know a couple, here in Montreal, who make a living online selling health eBooks. For a while I was wondering, what are you doing in Quebec? You could be anywhere, you could travel! Without much surprise, I just learned that they have decided to spend the next two or three years traveling the world. They’re still in their 20s so they intend to have kids upon their return.

They have the freedom to do this because of their internet business. A lot of people now are choosing the tech nomad lifestyle, whether it’s permanent or as a way of escaping the winter, it’s definitely possible nowadays to work from anywhere. They’re going to spend a few months in Paris and a few months  travelling to other major cities of the world.… Read More »

How To Be a “Snowbird”

It started when I became a raw foodist back in 1996.

Ever since then, I’ve had trouble dealing with the winter.

Perhaps this is because I discovered what it’s like to pick your fruits off of the tree and enjoy the summer sun year-round. I spent many winters in Costa Rica. I traveled the world. I tried to set up my life in order to do this.

So, I’m a snowbird and partly a tech nomad. I’m not completely a tech nomad because I maintain a home base. I’m a snowbird because I really don’t enjoy winter in general.

What Is A Snowbird?

A snowbird is a person living in a cold climate, fleeing the winter for a few months at a time (generally up to six months), to a warmer climate.… Read More »

Retiring Overseas On A Budget

Retiring overseas, an idea that sounded crazy 20 or 30 years ago and only appealed to a fringe minority, is now becoming more popular than ever.

I recently finished the book The International Living Guide to Retiring Overseas on a Budget. I knew for many years about, International Living, a magazine specializing on this topic. In fact, I considered moving to what some would call a tropical paradise on more than one occasion, and even though I haven’t made the full move, I’m still planning to do it one day.


Why do people retire overseas?

Well, it comes down to what they can get for their retirement. If you retire in the U.S. or Canada, you can have a great life if you have a fully funded pension plan.… Read More »

Book Review – Your Money or Your Life?

Screenshot 2015-10-30 16.06.43

I started reviewing books that have had a great impact on my life. This next one is about something that matters to everyone: money. Your Money or Your Life is by the late author, Joe Dominguez, and was written in the 90s. Joe Dominguez and his partner Vicki Robin wrote this book, and I came across it about ten years ago. Before the terms “frugality” and “voluntary simplicity” were trendy, Joe Dominguez was sharing his philosophy in his book. His story is peculiar.

He worked on Wall Street earning a decent, but not outrageous salary, and decided that he didn’t want to get caught up in the rat race for the rest of his life, so he designed an ingenious method for liberating himself from the constraints of 9-5.… Read More »

Being Free in an Unfree World

Years ago, I discovered an extraordinary book (currently out of print) called How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World. This book was written in the 70s by Harry Browne, who was a popular finance author who later became a politician and ran for the Libertarian party.

Browne wrote How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World to go against the notion that in order to be free, you have to change the people around you. Having to change society, or having to change your partner, or having to change the world.

This book had a big impact on me and led me to make many positive changes in my life.

One of my favourite chapters of the book, and one of the biggest insights I got from the book, is what Browne calls the “box traps.” He lists different traps that people fall into that restrict their freedom, often by choice rather than by constraint.… Read More »