Cost of Living in Thailand

I’m sometimes puzzled at how cheap things are in Thailand, and how much value you get in return.

In Chiang Mai, a one-hour Thai massage costs $4.

In Bangkok, you can buy fruit salads on the street for about 30 cents. A full meal is only 70 cents.

My food costs in Thailand are about $5-10 a day, and that’s eating very healthy foods all the time, which costs more. Someone eating noodles at street vendors three times a day would only spend about $2!

In Chiang Mai, our hotel cost $25 a night. But that’s to rent a pretty large one-bedroom apartment with a little kitchen, in a hotel where they come clean your room three times a week (included in the price). There’s also a little gym in the hotel, and it’s right next to a big food market.

In Bangkok, you can stay in a four star hotel, with a full one bedroom executive luxury suite for about $100 a night. The same room in New York City would be around $500, or more.

Taxi rides are so cheap that you can go anywhere I want, all day, for around one or two dollars a ride.

I can live in Thailand, get massages every day, eat delicious and healthy foods, and do everything I want for about $25 a day and that’s while spending quite liberally and tipping.

If someone wanted to live cheaper, it certainly is possible. One expat I met told me he only spends $45 a month on rent!

The bottom line is: once you start viewing the world as a giant playground, the possibilities are limitless.

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