Do You Need to Have a “Passion” To Make A Living?

I think one of the most stupid all-encompassing statements I’ve heard pushed over and over again in personal development fields is the notion that you have to make a living with your passion!

Now the reason I’m bringing this up is because I recently got an email from a reader. He says:

“Really, it sounds stupid but, for the life of me I can’t really say I have a passion. I’ve read books, taken tests, I look at what I like and I just can’t see that others would need to know some of the things that I know. My biggest question is just – how do I know what I’m really passionate about?”

I know you’re going to say… Fred, don’t you talk about making a living with your passion?

I talk about doing what you love a lot, in fact, my website is, and that may sound similar.

I know you hear it all over the place… “Live With Passion,” that’s even something that Tony Robbins says a lot.

People torture themselves with this concept of “passion” and never get anything done.

When you think about passionate people, you recall Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, prolific novelists, and charismatic CEOs like Steve Jobs.

Then you look at ourselves and think… wow, I can’t compete with that!

Then the worst thing of all is these tests that help you determine what your “passion” is.

In reality, nobody is born with a “passion.” Passion may be something that you develop or something that grows on you with time.

For example, I can’t say that the field of “raw foods” or health is my “passion.”

I can’t even say that I have a “passion” for traveling.

When it comes to work, I think we should call it “determination.”

You’re Passionate About What You’re Good At

Have you noticed that the more you know about or are good at something, the more fun you have with it? For example, I’m quite knowledgeable about music, so I enjoy it a lot more than most people!

I got better over the years at writing articles, so I like writing much more now.

When you first get started making a living on the Internet, it’s likely that you will find some aspects difficult.

As you work on these things more and more, you’ll get better and have more fun doing it. You’ll even develop “passion” for this stuff as you spend more time learning and getting better.

Pick Something You’re Interested In

When you get started making a living, you shouldn’t be blindly be looking for your “passion.”

It’s okay not to feel that throbbing feeling of excitement for any particular topic.

It’s even okay to be interested in multiple topics!

However, ultimately you have to pick one for your website.

I suggest picking the topic of which you have the most knowledge, instead of just scanning your feelings, trying to see if you have any “passion.”

If I were to force you, right now, to sit down and write me a 2000 word essay on a topic, any topic that you could talk a lot about, which one would you choose?

You see, you don’t have to be “passionate” about something. You just be interested in something.

Jim Rohn once said that if you read just one hour a day on a particular topic, you’ll become an internationally renowned expert in that topic in only 5 to 7 years.

By reading one hour a day, you can probably read a book per week, or close to it. Multiply that by several years and you’ll have read hundreds of books.

I think that if you read hundreds of books on ANY topic, you might not be a Ph.D., but you’ll know enough to call yourself an expert.

Passion is something you develop. It’s something that can strike you all at once, something that can leave you, and something that can come back.

Don’t worry if you’re not clear about your passion. Just get started!