Don’t Become a Blob

Last week, I bought a jump rope.

I realized that I was spending too much time sitting down at the computer, and not enough time exercising.

Because I’ve been traveling a lot, I lost my sense of routine, and ended up working whenever I felt like it, instead of following a schedule.

Through experience, I know how disastrous that can be.

So now I’m following some kind of routine. Here’s how it works:

I work for about 50 minutes, then I take a 10 minute break. That’s why I jump some rope and pump up my heart rate! It’s fun, it’s motivating, and it keeps you in shape. I might eat something, have a glass of water, and then I sit down for another 50 minute streak.

During those periods of work, I try to focus on only one thing at a time. No facebook, no checking email, no browsing the web.

Then after, I take a forty minute break.

That’s one cycle! And it corresponds approximately to the circadian rhythms our bodies follow during the day.

Then, I repeat as necessary.

The most important thing is to plan in advance. I might not work the same hours every day, but in the morning I decide what my schedule is going to look like. For example:

9:00-9:50 Work
10:00-10:50 Work
10:50-11:30: BREAK- LUNCH
11:30-12:20 Work

Got it? Plan in advance!

And do something during your breaks so you don’t become a blob!