eBooks Are Like Potatoes

For a long time I’ve used eBooks as the “bread and butter” of my business.

However, I don’t use eBooks like most people do. I think of eBooks like some people think of potatoes.

You can make mashed potatoes, but you can also make potato chips. You can make fries, potato salads, baked potatoes, twice-baked, dumplings, and even potato pancakes.

The potato can be a fancy dish or a cheap fast food depending on how it’s prepared and served.

I think eBooks are like potatoes.

Let me show you how I use eBooks in my business.

1) eBooks as Intro Level Products

This is the traditional use of eBooks. I use eBooks as intro level products that I sell to people when they first join my list.

The main purpose of this use of eBooks is to acquire new customers. But most people use this as their ONLY use of eBooks. That’s a mistake.

Small eBook sales should lead to bigger sales.

2) Kindle eBooks

For about a year I’ve been experimenting with Kindle eBooks. So far my experiment has been a success. Kindle sales happen automatically and every month I receive checks from all over the world for sales made on the many different Amazon websites.

The purpose of Kindle eBooks is to provide passive sources of revenues. It’s something you put on autopilot and then just watch sales coming in (when you do it properly).

3) eBooks as Bigger Products

You can use eBooks as bigger courses. The way to do it is to simply write a series of small eBooks that are set up as “lessons.” Then, you record the audio version of those eBooks, as well as add in other bonuses such as videos, and voila, you have a product that is a lot more valuable than an eBook.

4) eBooks as Membership sites

I’ve used this technique for two membership sites: The Raw Vegan Mentor Club and the Do What You Love Success Group.

Every month, I would write a small eBook (about 11 pages) that would be set up as a lesson. Each eBook was actually printed and shipped to my members using an online service where you can upload a PDF and the company will mail out a newsletter to addresses you specify.

Now these eBooks are part of my membership. Only members can access them and every month they receive new eBooks.

You could use this technique to set up a “Club,” for example, a “Recipe Book of the Month” club.

Keep in mind that the eBooks don’t have to be very long to be valuable.

5) eBooks as Printed Books

Writing an eBook can eventually lead you to create printed books. Many of my printed books started out as eBooks, and were later turned into printed books once it was worth it to do it.

Now with print-on-demand technologies it’s very easy for anyone to print and ship books without having to go to the post office or even pay for more than one book at a time!

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