How Many eBooks Will You Write This Year?

I recently got an eBook from Marlon Sanders, a great Internet Marketer that I’ve been following for many years. His program is called “The Writer’s Secret” and it’s basically one eBook that tells his philosophy for selling eBooks.

Marlon claims that he can usually release a new eBook to his list every 1-2 months, and that eBooks are his main source of income.

The eBooks he sells are often turned into different products and are not called “eBooks”, for example, he has several tutorial-types of programs called “Dashboards” that are basically web pages with little icons where you can follow a step-by-step plan for starting your online business. Each icon takes you to a web page where you can read about the particular step. He also has some video tutorials along the way.

How different is that from an eBook with video bonuses? It’s only the presentation that makes it different, and the branding!

Instead of calling these products, “eBooks”, Marlon calls them “Dashboards” and sells them for $79.95.

Marlon also sells actual eBooks such as the Writer’s Secret that I bought, or his popular Amazing Formula products. Again, it’s just an eBook but in order to boost the sale, he’ll often offer a series of webinars for about $300 for people who want to go more in depth.

Again, the webinars offer essentially the same information as the eBooks, but in a different format and live, which has more value.

One of Marlon’s reasons for selling eBooks is that his market (Internet Marketing) is filled with people who only sell very expensive products, seminars and coaching programs. The price point is over at least $1000 for these products.

So Marlon differentiates himself by selling lower-cost eBooks and makes his money on the back-end with up-sales.

In my own market, I found that most people sell relatively low-cost books and DVDs, so I’ve differentiated myself by selling higher-priced and higher-end programs such as big online courses.

However, I still find that eBooks SELL and as long as they are bundled with other forms of media and are not just labeled as an “eBook”, they can prove to be an important income generator for you.

The main advantage of eBooks for me is that they are pretty easy to create.

When I think about writing an eBook, I imagine myself relaxing on my bed with my laptop or even sitting outside, calm, as I hear the birds singing in the trees.

When I think about creating a DVD product or organizing a live seminar I imagine myself toiling at 110 degrees weather carrying big rocks to build a never-ending pyramid for a Pharaoh , while being whipped by the slave-master.

Well, not exactly! But the idea of creating a big event or a DVD program does NOT fill me with joy and anticipation.

On the other hand, I find writing easy and something I can do anywhere without stress.

Writing a couple thousand words a day is no big deal, and at that pace you could easily write and sell a new eBook every other month.

Of course, writing takes experience and that experience comes with practice. But if you can touch-type and you have a great idea, writing a 30,000 word eBook is really not that much trouble.

So, how many eBooks are you going to release this year?

I’ve helped hundreds of people write and sell their own eBooks to fuel their dream life (and their passion!). I know how to do this because I’ve written dozens of eBooks.

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