Is There Enough Room For Everybody?

Before I move to today’s Do What You Love Tip, I want to give you a heads up regarding the launch of our course “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement”!

We’re about to release a revised 4th edition of the course, with some very exciting new features. This is our most complete program on earning a living doing what you love, and it’s only available once or twice a year. It’s set to be launched on January 14th, and will be available for about 2 days. Stay tuned for more details!

Are you afraid that if everybody were trying to do a living doing what they love, there would be too much competition and not enough space for everybody?

There’s a question that came up about my course “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement” that I would like to address it today’s e-mail.

Someone asked me:

– Why give away your secrets?
– Why give away your business contacts?
– Aren’t you creating more competition for yourself, potentially hurting your own business in the future?

The question comes up, because many people are afraid of lack, and scarcity is a primal motivation in the human psyche. And often this fear of lack prevents you from taking any action at all.

Naturally, when faced with the possibility of making a living on the Internet, starting your own website about health or any other subject, you are going to face competition, market saturation, and other realities of the world.

So is there enough room for everybody?

Here’s how I see things now…

My online business is really well established, so having other people to start up websites on the same subjects wouldn’t hurt me at all and would only help me.

Dozens of my own students have started successful websites and built sizeable list, and it’s only been good for all of us.

In fact, a big problem with this business is that there are not enough people who know what they are doing! People start up websites but have no knowledge about marketing therefore finding good affiliates is a very difficult task.

But I can expect that when more people start their own mailing lists and websites we can only succeed more together, and many positive associations will become possible.

If there were more people with great websites on the subject of health and nutrition, raw foods and that kind of stuff, with a *great* mailing list and websites, we could do miracles all together.

It’s like there’s a big lake and I’m fishing in it, throwing my line into it, but people are afraid that if they join and start fishing too, that at some point there won’t be enough fish to feed everybody.

The truth is: look around you.

Ask yourself: how many people need to improve their health?

And how many of those people use the Internet?

That will give you an idea of the size of the pond. It’s really, really big.

So even if my own mailing list is fairly big compared to someone who is starting out… there’s no way that having other people learn to build their own website and business would be a negative thing. I’m only reaching a tiny-tiny little percentage of the population, and so are all of the other websites out there.

There is definitely room for you to park your space, cast your line, and be doing what you love.

I want to empower you to learn how you can contribute in your own, original way, and create something unique that is yours — based on some very important principles that will work for everybody.

I decided to teach the course “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement” because it’s a passion to me. I follow my passion and I love to organize and systematize information. I have great knowledge to share and I love to create courses to share it. This is what I do.

If you want to make a living doing what you love, you won’t be disappointed with this course. It takes everything that I’ve learned and teaches you a step-by-step system for making a living doing what you love.

If you’re not a student of the course yet, I’d love you to come and learn from me. I’d love teach you how you can fish so you can feed yourself for a lifetime, like the saying goes, doing what you *love*, every day. I’d like you to make 2010 a breakthrough year for yourself, in your personal achievements and success.

When you enroll as a student for the course “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement,” you’ll not only get access to the only complete system ever create to earn a living online in the natural health field, but you’ll also get to participate in real live “hands-on” sessions where together we’ll build your business, one step at a time.

I’m really excited about this upcoming 4th edition. I first launched this course 3 years ago, and I’ve revised it several times to make it better and better.

This upcoming edition brings some very important changes that will make it super easy for you to start your business from scratch and succeed earning a living doing what you love.

I’ll be telling you a bit more about this in the next few days…

Let’s all succeed together — there is enough for everybody.

Yours for health and abundance,


PS: I only offer the course “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement” about two times a year. I consider January to be the best time of the year to start something new… so make sure you mark January 14th in your calendar! The course will be offered in a short time-window of about 2 days.