The Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Last weekend I was talking to a friend who just spent the last 6 months working on a book. She’s written a book on the raw food diet and is now ready to publish it. I was very surprised when she asked me… “Fred, what do you think I should do to market it?”

I replied:

“I’m afraid you started on the wrong foot! Writing a book FIRST is not the best marketing strategy. In my experience, writing or creating a product is about 20% of the work. 80% of the work is actually marketing and selling it.”

Now that she has a book, she can’t go back in time and try to fix her mistake of *writing it first* without being clear about her marketing plan.

She’ll have to outline a plan for marketing her book, but with the realization that *it may not actually sell at all* and she may have to start over with a new product.

Why wouldn’t it sell?

Maybe the market doesn’t want it. Maybe there’s no demand for it.

Anyway, I made the same mistake with my first book “The Sunfood Cuisine.” The book eventually sold, but if I could go back in time I would do things much differently.

So that’s why today I want to take a look at some of the biggest mistakes people make when they start their own business in the natural health movement.

Onto the biggest mistakes:

“I’ll just write a book and make lots selling it”

===> Why It’s a Mistake: First of all, writing a book takes a lot of time and energy and is usually *not* the best use of your time when you start your own business in the natural health movement. Secondly, it’s very hard to actually earn enough money with a book. The production costs are very high and in the end, you can’t charge very much for a book.

My recommendation is to think of writing a book after you have several successful products of your own. Writing a book is actually more to a way to publicize yourself and increase your credibility than a way to make money.

So I don’t recommend writing a book as a first product.

Next Mistake:

“I’m not going to write a book, instead, I will write an ebook”

===> Why It’s a Mistake: Writing and selling an ebook is a better idea than writing and publishing a book, but generally, most people have no idea how to create an ebook that sells. Until you become a proficient writer, an ebook will take you too much time to write and most people don’t sell it for enough money.

I believe most of the products you sell should cost more than $50 to the customers. There are many reasons for that which I explore in details in my course How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement.

If you can write fast, you could write an ebook as a first product, but sell it for at least $50 (by including other perks such as the audio version of the ebook).

My best recommendation is to make your first product an *audio* product. That way, you can get it done in less than a week, including the time it will take to write the sales letter for the product.

The course “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement” will teach you all of the steps necessary to do that (and there are *lots* of behind the scenes details). To register, go to: http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/makealiving.html

“I’ll just start a blog and put ads on it”

===> Why It’s a Mistake: I don’t know anybody who’s able to make a living with a blog just with the ads they put on it. The kind of traffic you would have to generate is not something possible for most of us.

The only true way to make a living in the natural health movement is having your *own* products to sell. You can’t rely on advertising other people’s products.

“I’ll open a big online store with lots of products”

===> Why It’s a Mistake: When you have lots of products that cost on average less than $50, you are setting yourself up for an endless amount of work, which includes:

– Reordering the products
– Maintaining your inventory
– Updating your product catalog
– Taking small orders
– Endless accounting nightmares
– And more

Believe me… you do *not* want to go there.

When you’re selling lots of little items (like books and food), the price point is generally two low to be able to make a decent profit. So you have to have lots and lots of products to sell, which ultimately creates lots and lots of work.