Has the eBook Era Arrived?

About a year ago, I predicted that eBooks would become an increasingly big market within a few years.

I now believe that we’re approaching a “tipping point” that will throw us in the eBook era a lot faster than I expected.

The main player in the industry at the moment is Amazon.com, who a little over 2 years ago (in November 2007) introduced the Kindle, an eBook reading device.

Although they won’t reveal exactly how many Kindles they have released, it seems that the device and the sales of eBooks are doing very, very well.


Currently, the “hottest” sector in the technology industry is in the growing field of eBook reading devices using electronic ink.

Amazon proved there could be a market for these products, and now major players in the field are coming in.

In January, we’ll see the introduction of a revolutionary eBook reading device by the company Plastic-logic, who apparently has found a way to create a device with a plastic screen (rather than glass, which is what the Kindle uses).

What does it mean? We’re soon on our way to a *pliable* device that will give users the true tactile sensation of a book.

I can easily see that within a few years, we’ll have a device in our hands that we’ll use to read eBooks and other material, but also take notes, highlight with a pen and manipulate objects on the screen, as is currently done with the iPhone.

Speaking of the iPhone, one of the hottest applications for this smartphone is the Kindle app, which allows you to read eBooks you’ve purchased from Amazon.

Obviously, Amazon doesn’t want to have the monopoly on the device. They plan on making money selling eBooks, rather than the actual device.

This is an opposite strategy from Apple, who doesn’t really make a profit from its iTunes store, but instead uses it to boost sales for iPods, iPhones and computers.

Another tip why we’re quickly moving in the eBook era:


The biggest rumor at the moment in the technology field is that Apple is apparently going to release a “revolutionary” tablet computer, one that could be used for reading eBooks (among other things).

This device is one of the most talked-about rumored release in the technology field since the original iPhone.

If Apple gets onboard the eBook wagon in a major way, then the game will be truly on and it will just be a matter of time until eBook sales outsell printed copies.

– Another major turning point-

Amazon is now offering an “international” version of their Kindle. It is on sale in most countries of the world, including Canada.

I previously had to bend the rules and get a friend to send me the two Kindles that I own, and then find a workaround to buy the eBooks on Amazon (because they only allowed US credit card owners to buy eBooks).

Now, the eBook store on Amazon seems to be opened to most countries.

The only thing that we’re still waiting for is a good selection of books in other languages, and books from international publishers. Right now, small publishers wishing to sell eBooks on Amazon must be from the United States. That’s the reason why my eBooks are not yet available for the Kindle.

-Another major tipping point-

Since I own two Kindles (the first generation one and the Kindle DX), and I prefer not carrying a ton of books with me, I try to always buy the eBook version of any book I want if I can.

Even though hundreds of thousands of books are available on the Kindle, I still couldn’t find at least 50% of what I wanted, and had to buy them in regular book format.

I noticed how in just the last few weeks, the selection of books for the Kindle has dramatically increased.

For example, many Lonely Planet and other travel guides are now available. Travel guides are a category of books most people would definitely prefer to have an as eBook in order to save space and weight when traveling.

So what’s happening?

Major publishers can no longer ignore the eBook revolution. Enough of their customers own Kindles and are asking them “when are you going to get your books on the Kindle”.

Once the market is open to international publishers, then the fire will truly catch on.

-What does it mean to you?-

At this point, it’s no longer possible or wise for entrepreneurs to ignore the eBook market.

EBooks are no longer this fringe market, and a great majority of consumers now actually prefer to buy eBooks than hard copies.

If you’ve wanted to write and sell your own eBooks, now has never been a better time.

Eventually, the market will get crowded. But if you make your eBooks available soon (within the next year), you can position yourself very nicely not only on the Internet, but on the Amazon store as well.

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Yours for health and success,

Frederic Patenaude