How Do You Make a Full-Time Living Online?

How do you actually make a full-time living on the Internet? I see essentially two ways of doing it.

All the people that I know who are successful with an internet business do one of two things, and I will exclude from that list various start-ups and businesses that rely on selling physical goods.

For example, my friend Kevin Gianni has a great business selling skin care products, but it is also a big operation with more than ten or twelve employees, and it’s growing all the time.

The kind of business that I’m talking about is one where you can be perfectly mobile, where you can live and work from anywhere and generally one that doesn’t require any employees. One that gives you a degree of freedom that I think most of my readers are looking for. So there are two ways of doing it:

1. Your Own List

You build a list and then you send them regular content via email.

The content can be articles, videos, podcasts, etc. Finally, you monetize your list by selling your own products or other people’s products as an affiliate, and that’s pretty much the model.

Without a list, your options are few. Everybody that I know who’s been successful long-term has a list.

Some people build the website, create great content, but they’re not successful. Why? Because they didn’t have a list, or they didn’t grow a list big enough. It’s not just about the list; it’s also about your relationship with the list. You may have a list of people, but if you don’t communicate with them regularly with some interesting things to say, your list size won’t matter.

2. Your Own Product

You can manage without a list of your own for a while if you create a product that other people will sell for you. These people will be your affiliates. You will pay them a commission on each sale.

So, in this model, you use other people’s lists in order to generate traffic to your website. Your sales force will be affiliates. Your job, on the other hand, will be to create an awesome product with a great sales page that affiliates will want to promote. They like to promote stuff that sells. They like to promote products that their list will like and enjoy.

You now have two models for success. There are other ways, of course, but in my opinion they don’t really work long-term or they are difficult to pull off for most people.

For example, some people make a living with YouTube videos.

They create YouTube videos that get a lot of traffic, and then YouTube pays them a cut on the ads that appear in the videos. Some people are doing quite well with this, but for how long? YouTube and Google might decide to change their rules. They’ve done it in the past and they’ll likely do it again. What happens if your videos stop getting traffic? You don’t get paid on existing views. You get paid on the views you have on an ongoing basis.

Also, with this type of model if you don’t really control much, you’re dependent on search engine results, but what if they change? You don’t have a list. You don’t have products to sell. You just sell ads and the market for this changes very quickly.

Other people create blogs and don’t really sell anything. They instead put ads on their blog and monetize their website that way. However, this method is very difficult to pull off because you need a lot of traffic to make it work, and it requires a lot of work to create enough content, hire the right writers and the right designer to create such a website. It is not for the faint of heart.

I prefer the first two methods because they are methods that almost anyone can do. One of the two methods will be right for you. In the course, “How to Succeed with your Alternative Health Business” we discuss, in detail, how to make these two models work and we also present a few other models that I didn’t discuss today but that are other possibilities to make a living online. The course has everything that you need to get started. If you’d like to find out more, go here