How to Become an Entrepreneur

I love entrepreneurs. I really think the world would be a better place if there would be less big corporations, less government, and more small businesses and entrepreneurs.

You can recognize true entrepreneurs by their spirit. They have a sense of independence that is truly unique.

Whereas the rest of the population is worrying about the “benefits” they will receive from the government or the company they work for in their old age, the entrepreneur expects nothing from anyone.

The entrepreneurial spirit is not something that you’re born with. It’s something you develop.

When I was young, my father, who’s always worked for himself, told me about the benefits of being self-employed. Although I did not understand everything, it made some kind of impression on me and from that point on, I always knew I would be able to work for myself if I wanted to. That’s why when I finished high school, I did not have clear plans for the future like most of my peers, and instead just stayed open to new opportunities.

If you want to work on the Internet doing what you love, you have to develop the entrepreneurship spirit. To do that, you need to hang out with other entrepreneurs.

It would be better to live in an area that values entrepreneurship (San Francisco would be better than Hawaii!), but nowadays you can me in touch with other entrepreneurs via the Internet.

A great way to do that is the Do What You Love Success Group, where you can connect with our members from all over the world, as well as benefit from our coaching (for more information, go to