How To Find What You’re “Passionate” About

I’m going to say something just slightly shocking today. Here it goes:

“I think one of the most unhelpful, all-encompassing, and silly statements I’ve ever heard pushed over and over again in personal development fields is the notion that you have to, “make a living with your passion’!”

Okay…there it was.

Now the reason why I say this is because I recently got an email from a reader. He says,

“Really, it sounds stupid but, for the life of me I can’t really say I have a passion. I’ve read books, taken tests, I look at what I like and I just can’t see that others would need to know some of the things that I know. My biggest question is just – how do I learn what I’m really passionate about?”I know you’re going to say, but Fred, don’t you talk all about making a living with your passion?”

For some reason, people sometimes get the notion that my course is about “Making a Living With Your Passion” when it’s actually titled “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement.”

I talk about doing what you love a lot, in fact my website is, and that does sound similar.

I know you hear it spoken all the time, “Live With Passion!” That’s even something that Tony Robbins even used to say.

I think that people end up torturing themselves with this concept of “passion” and never get anything done.

When we think of passion, we think of Mozart, we think of rock stars, maybe charismatic CEOs like Steve Jobs, amazing thinkers of all ages.

Then we look at ourselves and think, “Wow, how am I supposed to compete with that??”

And don’t even get me started on these tests that claim to determine what your passion is. People are not little things you can categorize into boxes and determine their entire life’s destiny by answering a few simple questionnaires to determining their path with a math equation.

In reality, nobody is born on the Earth with a passion. A passion may be something that you develop, or something that grows with you with in time. You need to experience life and learn what you like in order to feel passionate about it.

For example, I can’t say that the field of “natural health” is my “passion” exactly.

I can’t say that “Internet marketing” is the one and only thing that I can think about at any given time.

I can’t even say that I have a “passion” for traveling necessarily, either.

Of course, we’ve all experienced “passion,” in well, various ways… But specifically when it comes to work, I think passion should instead be called “determination.”

You’re Usually Passionate About What You’re Good At

Have you noticed that if you’re good at something, you have fun doing it?

For example, I just found out I love watching hockey games, but I couldn’t skate to save my life. Throw me in a hockey game, and I would not fair very well.

However, I tend to enjoy certain activities with which I earn a living, such as writing, speaking foreign languages, or running my Internet business. I consider myself fairly “good” at these things and therefore I enjoy them, and do them often.

When you’re good at something, you tend to enjoy doing it more.

When you first get started making a living on the Internet, it’s likely that you will not be that great at everything, including:

– Copywriting
– Web design
– Outsourcing
– Writing
– Brainstorming

As you work on these things more and more, you’ll get better at them and have more fun doing it. You’ll even develop “passion” for these things, as you spend more time learning about them and are able to integrate your own creative aspirations to them.

Pick Something You’re Interested In

When you get started making a living, try not to simply go blindly looking for what you think your “passion” is.

It’s actually okay to not feel that throbbing feeling of passion for any specific topic in this moment.

It’s even okay to have multiple things you are interested in and feeling overwhelmed about picking one of them.

I suggest to my students to pick the thing they feel they have the most knowledge in, instead of only looking at their feelings, and tie the two together to see if they can find something they feel really strongly about a specific topic that they could make a living with as well.

If you were to sit down and write a 2000 word essay on a topic, any topic that you could talk about, which one would you choose?

Jim Rohn once said that if you read just one hour a day on a particular topic, you’ll become an internationally renowned expert in that topic in only 5 to 7 years.

And shy of being an internationally known and revered expert, you can even just get incredibly intelligent on any topic you choose, just by reading a bit about it every day. It’s really that easy.

By reading one hour a day, you can probably read a book per week, or close to it.

Multiply that by several years and you’ll have read hundreds of books.

I think that if you read hundreds of books on ANY topic you might not have earned your Ph.D., but you’ll know enough to call yourself an expert for yourself.

Passion is something you develop. It’s something that can strike you all at once, something that can leave you, and something that can come back. Like everything, your passions are perpetually changing!

But don’t worry if you’re not clear about your passion. Just get started!