How to Get a Flow of Ideas

I have found that your work space (for example, your home office) is a perfect place for executing ideas, but a very poor one for generating ideas. Like most writers, I have found that your best ideas come when you’re not working.

The best ideas come when you remove yourself from your normal work environment. The most effective one I have found is traveling, especially to an interesting and new environment.

If you want to get a fresh new perspective on your life and on your work, go on a trip. Travel somewhere new. Take the train, book a flight somewhere, go visit a relative, or go on a road trip. Do a little “airport”, as author Stuart Wilde would say, but make sure you carry a good notebook with you, because ideas are likely to just start flowing!

Other great ways to get ideas are:

Take a long walk or hike

Go jogging

Go to a seminar filled with like-minded people

Get a massage

Play music

Take some time off


You’ll also need a good way to capture ideas as they come to you. Ideally, this is something you should be able to carry with you everywhere you go.

The best thing that I have found is a digital voice recorder. I recommend the products made by Olympus. There are some at all price points and if you’re wondering which one to get, I would recommend the inexpensive WS-110 model. It works like a charm. You can find out about this on Olympus’ website at

So remove yourself from your normal environment and get fresh new ideas… what are you waiting for?