How to Stop Making Excuses

Today I will remove my “nice guy” hat and give gentle “kick in the butt” that some of you may desperately need.

I’ve been quite pleased to see the results that some of my students have experienced. Nothing pleases me more than to learn that one of my students is now making a full time living doing what they love!

But because I have to use the word “some”, I will also speak to the rest of you who are not yet getting the results you’ve been working for.
I’ll start with a little example of my friend Corey (not his real name). Corey is a super nice guy, he’s super intelligent and has done my course “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement” (good for him).

Corey is a personal friend that first became a client. He’s purchased almost every product I’ve released, and is also an “information-marketing addict.” In other words, whenever a new big product launch is happening in the Internet Marketing world, he’s buying it.

I can’t exactly say how much he’s spent on these courses. I would estimate it would probably be at least 10-15K per year.

Now that’s a big chunk of cash, but I know I’ve personally spent that much in training on a yearly basis to get to where I am.

But the problem is that Corey’s big project is still not ready. He’s been talking about it for years, he’s always “working on it,” he’s doing the logo or some other important aspect in order to come out with a finished product.

He’s too busy with his full-time job to get it done, but whenever I check my Facebook account (I generally don’t spend more than 2 minutes a few times a week), I always find that he’s online. And based on how often his profile is updated and how many “friends” he has there, I would imagine that he’s spending quite a bit of time there.

My first reaction is… “Dude, what the hell are you doing?!”

Corey: “Well, I’m about to finish my logo and then I will launch the site.”

Me: “What are you talking about… a logo! Just get it done! You don’t need a logo for that!”

As I explained in one of our last coaching calls, most people spend WAY too much time completing their projects.

Now usually I’m gentle and try to remind them that they should work on it consistently, get over the “learning curve” and keep making steps towards their goal… but today I feel differently.

You have to learn to get things done… now!

Time’s a huge wasting, and most people waste their times on things that don’t matter.

You are a perfectionist. You suffer from that disease called “waiting for things to align themselves perfectly before you can call it done”.

I want you now to adopt a completely different attitude.

You’ve been working on your site and it’s still not done? Finish it! Get it out there! You’ve been working on your eBook and it’s still not ready? Don’t be a perfectionist. Get it done!

I want you to start thinking about the timeline you’ve had in mind for completing different projects. For example, maybe you’ve imagined that completing your website and getting your website up and ready with your own product to sell would take you three months.

Now I want you to take that period of time, and cut it in half.

Then, start thinking about how you feel about doing it in that period of time. Do you feel a little anxious? Uncertain?

Good. Because now you’re going to allow yourself only a third or a quarter of that period. And then cut it some more.

Go from three months to three weeks.

If you’ve been thinking about finishing your eBook within the next 2 months, decide that you’re going to get it done within 7 days.

Dramatically reduce the time you allow yourself to complete projects.

With the pressure of a new deadline, your mind will function differently.

You will look at the project, and immediately eliminate the elements that are unnecessary. Then you will think of ways of doing the rest faster, better and more efficiently.

Let’s say, for example, that you wanted to start from stretch and build a website that earns you enough to comfortable quit your day job. And let’s say that instead of giving yourself lovingly a good year or two to do that, you’re going to become a mean, efficient machine and get to that point in 30 days flat.

As a reminder, the 80/20 rules states that 80% of your results will come from only 20% of your actions. So you have to focus on the 20% and spend your time and energy there.

It’s essential that you access the important, get it done even if it’s not perfect, instead of taking forever to complete every single, non important details.