The Different Types of Information Products

A lot of people ask me: what kind of product can I sell on my website?

I personally have had the most success with information products. Here’s a list of possible types of information products you can release.

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There are many different types of products you can sell on the Internet. My only focus here is to show you how to create and sell information products (as opposed to consumable items such as food, cosmetics, or appliances). Let’s take a look at the different types of information products you can create and sell.

· Book — This is a classic information product. I consider the book to be more like a fancy “business card” and credibility builder rather than an item that earns you a lot of money. Therefore, I don’t recommend releasing an actual, physical book until you have started building your list and have at least a couple other information products under your belt. If you decided to publish a book, consider going with a print-on-demand publisher. At the moment, the best service for print-on-demand for books is the Amazon company CreateSpace (

· eBook — The eBook can be a create information product to sell as an entry-level product to the rest of your product line. The eBook doesn’t need to be very long, but can include other bonuses such as audio recordings, other bonus eBooks, live teleconferences, etc.

· Audio CD or MP3 download — Audio products can be very successful. Take, for example, my “Perfect Health Program”, which essentially is 12 hour-long teleconference interviews, and a few bonus booklets, sold for around $300 on CDs, and less as a download. You can have a single, hour-long audio product that could fit on a CD, or a package combining several recordings.

Nowadays, it’s best to offer the option between the audio CD and the digital download. Offer the digital download for about 20% less and free shipping. Between 20 and 50% of your customers will still choose the physical version, even if they have to pay more for it. We expect that percentage to dramatically lower overtime. To ship CDs on-demand, with very few efforts on your part and a professional design, use the service at

· DVD or Video Download — Video is even more popular than audio, but more time-consuming. It can also be sold for more. An easy way to create video products is to host a live conference and film the event. Then, sell the recording. At this point, most people prefer to have the actual DVD to comfortably watch on their TV than having to download a large video file to watch on their computer. When I released my Raw Vegan Cuisine DVDs, only 2 people (out of hundreds of comments left on my blog about the pre-release) wanted to have the download. So at this point, I don’t recommend selling the download of DVDs.

DVDs can easily be produced again by One exception would be to create a series of short videos (about 10-20 minutes long) on a very simple camera like the Flip, and sell them as a package available in a password protected membership site (with only one payment to access it).

· Live Teleconferences and Videocasts — Less marketers than before use teleconferences it seems. However, they are still a great way to create a product. All you have to do is organize an event, sell the “seats” for people to attend, produce a replay, and then create a product from the recording. Video teleconferences are now more popular. The best service for that is For traditional audio teleconferences, I recommend

· Live Events or Cleanse — I wrote an entire special report on this for members of the Success Group. The idea here is to organize a “live” cleanse or detox program, or a form of “challenge” where participants are going to achieve some kind of goal, such as following a diet or fitness program for a specific length of time. You provide a written explanation of the program, and assist them with daily motivational emails, a discussion forum where they can connect with other members, and possibly live teleconferences. This type of product works very well in the natural health field.

· “Courses” — One of my favorite type of high-end information product is the online “course” or “training program.” To create it, all you need is a theme that promises to solve a problem or teach your clients something they really want to know. For example, some of my online courses include “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement”, “How to Write Your Own eBooks”, and “How to Move to a Tropical Paradise”. As you can see, you can easily come up with a title just by using the words “How to_____” followed by your promise.

The structure of this type of online courses can vary, but usually you’ll want to have 4 to 8 lessons, one per week. These can be offered live or delivered by email. I don’t recommend going for more than 8 lessons. I found the attention span is greatly reduced after 8 weeks of consecutive lessons, and you invite more refunds that way. 4 to 8 lessons is best.

What you do is you charge for the whole package at once, but deliver the lessons overtime. You can also offer payment plans. Lessons can be in audio, video, or written format, or a combination of both. You should also include some form of support, such as direct email access to you, or a discussion forum, or teleseminars, or a combination of those.

For my course “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movements”, the lessons are in audio format, assisted by slides and homework assignments, and checklists. For “How to Write Your Own eBooks”, I wrote the lessons in text format, and then recorded the audio of each lesson for additional value. For “How to Move to a Tropical Paradise”, I recorded screen capture videos of slideshow presentations.

The advantage of this type of product is that you can sell the product right away, even if you have not completed it yet. You only need one lesson before you start selling the course.

· Packages — I outlined some of the basic forms of information products. Of course, you can combine some of these items together to create all kinds of packages.

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