Internet Access and Your Business

I know it may seem crazy to many people, but I’ve always had the dream of being able to live anywhere in the world, including a remote tropical island, and keep making a living doing what I love on the Internet.

The reality is I’ve been living this dream for years now, and I’ve been able to make a living using the Internet to manage my business from anywhere I’m at in the world.

In the last few years I’ve traveled to over 30 countries and countless islands, and everywhere I’ve been I’ve been able to manage my business, from the hotel room to the beach!

Many people nowadays are learning that they can become financially independent by creating an online business and working for themselves.

Nowadays, everything I do is Internet dependent. Having a solid source of Internet at all times becomes much more important when your business depends on it.

I’ve even written a book and published it entirely over the Internet alone! I wrote the book in Vancouver, Europe and Thailand, and got it published while I was in Australia. Then when I made it to New Zealand, I finally saw a copy, many weeks after my customers did.

I need fast Internet to communicate with my virtual assistants, upload videos, download and upload documents, and other tasks.

When I get fast Internet, I can be extremely productive (or distracted!), but when I get slow Internet, the simplest of tasks take so much more time, and it’s very frustrating.

So it’s possible to live anywhere in the world, but if you’re serious about making a living online, you’ll need good Internet access to keep the basics of your business afloat.

In some countries, you can pay for decent Internet access, but generally the speed you get at hotels is pretty bad. So it would be hard to get anything done unless you’re a resident and can pay for decent Internet.

In many countries nowadays, it’s possible to buy a pre-paid “3G Internet” stick for your computer that works through the cellphone networks. I’ve done this in Australia, New Zealand, Greece and Fiji and it worked pretty well most of the time.

These are a bit of an investment, as they require subscription plans to make them work. But when you depend on the Internet to make your living, this just gets chalked up as a simple business expense and is worth the effort.

Here’s my guide to Internet access around the world, from worse to best, considering dependability and speed:


Most remote tropical islands in the middle of nowhere have pretty terrible Internet. An example would be the Seychelles, a tiny country in the Indian Ocean I visited a few years ago. The Internet access was usable, but not fast enough for me to really be productive.


All of Indonesia is pretty much an Internet “black hole!” You can get fast Internet in some places, but usually it isn’t up to standards for decent productivity.

For a developed country, New Zealand also has pretty bad Internet, and the locals even make jokes about it!

In Australia, most hotels charge a ridiculous amount for Internet access, and their plans are pretty bad as well (but better than New Zealand).
However it’s possible to pay for a decent connection if you live there. In my experience, Fiji and Greece had mediocre Internet at best as well.

Good Enough

Most places in Thailand have decent Internet. So do Costa Rica and Panama, as long as you stay in a big city.

The Internet in Costa Rica has a tendency to just go down for periods of time, but is still overall good. Brazil has decent Internet for the most part, and I hear that Chile comparable as well.

Good or Great

Most of Western Europe (France, Germany, etc.) has excellent Internet access. Canada and USA have good Internet access for the most part, and so does Singapore and Panama City.

Beyond Great

I hear the best Internet access in the world is in South Korea, Japan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Scandinavian countries.

Top 10 Countries with Fastest Internet

Wonder which countries have the fastest Internet access?

According to NetIndex, South Korea is the number one country, with an average download speed of 37 Mb per second, which is crazy fast!

The next best countries are (in order): Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

Coming in last on the list with the slowest Internet was Bolivia. I don’t recommend hosting your webinars there!

Running Your Business From Anywhere

The reality is that in today’s modern world, it’s likely that you’ll be able to find a good source of Internet to create your own online business!

The times have changed dramatically over the last couple decades, and the Internet has opened up possibilities on today’s world that just wasn’t possible not all that long ago.

So if you’re attracted to the idea of earning a living while sipping coconuts straight off the tree someplace tropical, now’s the time to get started!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!