Internet Access… From Worst to Best

I know it’s crazy, but I’ve always had the dream of being able to live anywhere in the world, including a remote tropical island, and keep making a living doing what I love on the Internet.

I’ve already proved that it’s possible, after having traveled to over 25 countries in the last 8 months alone, including countless islands!

I told you that with the kind of approach is possible… but there’s an important caveat. You need to get excellent Internet access!

Nowadays, everything I do is Internet dependent.

In the last few months, I’ve even written a book and published it, over the Internet alone! I wrote the book in Vancouver, Europe and Thailand, and got it published while I was in Australia. Then when I made it to New Zealand, I finally saw a copy, many weeks after my customers did!

I need fast Internet to communicate with my virtual assistants, upload videos, download and upload documents, and more.

When I get fast Internet, I can be extremely productive (or distracted!), but when I get crappy Internet, the simplest of tasks take so much more time, and it’s very frustrating.

So it’s possible to live anywhere in the world, but if you’re serious about making a living online, you’ll need good Internet access.

In some countries, you can pay for decent Internet access, but generally the speed you get at hotels is pretty bad. So it would be hard to get anything done unless you’re a resident and can pay for decent Internet.

In many countries nowadays, it’s possible to buy a pre-paid “3G Internet” stick for your computer, that works through the cellphone network. I’ve done this in Australia, New Zealand, Greece and Fiji and it worked pretty well in most places.

Here’s my guide to Internet access, from worse to best.


Most remote tropical islands in the middle of Nowhere have pretty bad Internet. An example would be the Seychelles, a tiny country in the Indian Ocean I visited last year. The Internet access was usable, but pretty slow.


All of Indonesia is pretty much an Internet “black hole!” You can get fast Internet in some places, but usually it sucks. For a developped country, New Zealand also had pretty bad Internet, and the locals even make jokes about it. In Australia most hotels charge a ridiculous amount for Internet access, and their plans are pretty bad as well (but better than New Zealand), however it’s possible to pay for a decent connection if you live there. Greece had bad Internet for the most part, as well as Fiji.

Good Enough

Thailand has decent Internet access in most places. So does Costa Rica and Panama, as long as you stay in a large city. But in Costa Rica I sometimes had problems with Internet going down for no reason. Brazil has decent Internet for the most part, and I hear that Chile is about the same.

Good or Great

Most of Western Europe (France, Germany, etc.) has excellent Internet access. Canada and USA have good Internet access for the most part, and so does Singapore and Panama City.

Beyond Great

I hear the best Internet access in the world is in South Korea, Japan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Scandinavian countries.

Top 10, Best or Worse?

Wonder which countries have the fastest Internet access? According to NetIndex, South Korea is the number one country, with an average download speed of 37 Mb per second! The next best countries are (in order): Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

As for the top worst country in the world for Internet access, it’s Bolivia!

The top worst “first world” country for Internet access is Qatar, followed by Italy.

The US are listed 32nd on the list of 166 countries, while Canada is 38.

If you’re thinking of relocating to a remote tropical island and make a living online, make sure you check out the Internet situation first!