Is The Pond Big Enough?

Have you ever considered the possibility that if everybody were actually making a living doing what they love, that there would be too many people in every market and it would become oversaturated?

Recently someone asked me a few questions:

  • – Why give away your secrets?
  • – Why give away your business contacts?
  • – Aren’t you creating more competition for yourself, potentially hurting your own business in the future?

Questions like these come up often, as many people tend to live in a “lack” or “scarcity” mentality. It’s a primal human instinct that is to a degree ingrained in the human psyche.
However, this same fear of lack tends to ironically keep people from taking any actions at all.

Naturally, when faced with the possibility of making a living on the Internet, starting your own website about health or any other subject, you are going to face competition and other realities of running a business amidst other businesses.

So is there enough room for everybody?

Here’s how I see things…

My online business is already very well established, so having other people start up websites on the same subjects wouldn’t hurt me at all and would only help me.

Ultimately everybody is going to be doing things just slightly differently from one person to the next. So even if one person is making a living writing on natural health, they do so very differently from the person right next to them writing on the same or similar subject.

The more successful everybody around you is, the more successful you tend to be as well. And considering the reality that nobody can really write a book or an article like YOU, that makes it unique enough to not become oversaturated. That’s why there are so many authors writing about the same diets.

It’s like the online marketing and natural health fields are a pond saturated with fish, and the people who are willing to get started are there casting their lines.

Many people looking around at the scene are only really thinking that the pond will eventually dry up and there won’t be any fish for anybody.

The truth is, the pond is a LOT bigger than you might think.

There are millions of people every year who are actively seeking to improve their health, for example, and the internet is a invaluable resource that people use all around the world.

Even if someone attains a sizeable following and mailing list, it’s not likely that you’ll attain that much more than a few percentages of the total population of people seeking to improve their health right now.

There is definitely plenty of room for you to park your space, cast your line, and be doing what you love right now.

I want to empower you to learn how you can contribute in your own, original way, and create something unique that is yours — based on some very important principles that will work for everybody.

I believe that the “lack mentality” that is very common in the world tends to keep people from attaining and doing what they truly desire. Like I said, they see other people successfully fishing and can only see their imagined lack in the future.

So I encourage you to think about what kind of thoughts may be currently holding you back from truly doing what you love.

Nobody but yourself will really ever get you to do anything, and so if you are waiting on somebody or a change of circumstance to start doing that, you’re really only waiting on yourself.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below!