Why I Would Never Open a Raw Restaurant

Sometimes people ask me, “Fred, when are you going to open your own restaurant.”

My first immediate reaction is the urge to drop on the floor and start laughing uncontrollably. “Hahah ahahaha ahahah ahahahah!”

But I value my freedom, so to avoid being locked up in a mental hospital, I simply respond: “That’s not going to happen.”

People are usually puzzled… “Why? I’m sure you could design a super healthy menu that would attract a lot of people!”

The reality is this:

Opening a raw food restaurant — or any restaurant for that matter — would be a complete waste of my time.

Most people don’t realize that if you want to open a successful restaurant, you usually have to invest at least a quarter million dollars and work non-stop for almost nothing for about 5 years. Then after that, your business still has 70% chance of failing.

No thanks… I’ll keep typing on my Macbook.

The “health” or “raw” restaurant business is also a dead-end for many reasons:

1- People don’t eat out because they want to be healthy. They eat out to indulge. Unless your restaurant features the evil axis of salt-fat-sugar in most of its recipes, you’re not going to attract many people.

2- If you make your menu too healthy, most likely the grass-grazing health food enthusiasts won’t even come that often because they can make “better” food at home… and much cheaper!

3- In a typical vegetarian restaurant, 90% of the customers are non-vegetarians. They go there to feel better about themselves or to try something different. Designing a menu based on what someone like you would enjoy would be a giant mistake.

Why would you want to open a restaurant and work like a maniac for years for almost nothing, while being tied down to a physical location, when you could do what you love on the Internet, working three hours a day anywhere in the world?