My Story, Part 2: From Rags to Riches

How did I go from making $60,000 a year in sales to more than $600,000 in less than one year?

I owe that in part to a friend who became my personal, marketing guru.

There’s only a handful of people that I’ve known for more than 15 years and that I still consider true friends. Olivier is one of them.

In my last post, I told you about my first turbulent years when I was trying to make a living doing what I loved. (if you missed this post, you can read it here).

It wasn’t until my friend Olivier became my personal mentor and “guru” that I was able to take things to the next level.

You see, until 2004, I was writing and selling books and newsletters. Although I had a website and a list, I hadn’t managed to really earn a living with it.

My friend Olivier had been studying marketing intensely for the past few years, and agreed to coach me and do some joint ventures using my raw food business as a “guinea pig.”

I learned all the main concepts of marketing that I know from Olivier.

What his coaching allowed me to do was to fully take advantage of the power of the web.

In our first project together, we figured out a system to create an information product and sell it to my subscribers in less than two months… and made more doing so that I normally did in 6 months!

Olivier taught me a few key lessons that changed everything:

1) The list. The first thing he taught me was the importance of building an email list. He said that the SOLE purpose of my website should be to build my list… and nothing else! Every thing I did on my website should be with the goal of building my list.

2) The products. Olivier taught me that people didn’t necessarily want to buy just books and magazines. People would be willing to pay for information offered in different media. For example eBooks, audio interviews, videos, DVDs, MP3 downloads, CDs, manuals, etc.

I could package the same information I had been offering in books, and offer a wider range of products.

These are just some basic lessons I learned from Olivier. Of course, he taught me much more than this.

At that point, I realized that my goal in life would be to spread the best information I could find about health through the power of the Internet.

So I started becoming an expert in Internet marketing.

Over the next two years only, my business grew like crazy.

One thing that really allowed me to grow was to hire a great, motivated woman who would eventually become my business partner. Let’s call her Jacky, for the sake of the story (not her real name).

Because we had different strengths, I could now focus my attention on what I did best (writing and creating products), while Jacky helped take care of all the back-end operations.

By 2004, I was making maybe $60,000 a year in sales with my business.

By the end of 2005, I was making $50,000 a month!

In 2006, my business generated over $600,000 in sales (not all profits, but exciting nonetheless).

Things were so successful, it was almost cliché. I felt like I was a testimonial for a “get-rich-quick” ad!

In 2006, I literally felt on top of the world.

Of course, it wasn’t all profits, but the level of success felt so awesome to me that I think it got a little bit to my head.

In 2006, I spent my 30th birthday in Tahiti, visiting the islands of Bora Bora, Moorea and Rangiroa.
I also spent a month in Bali. On the picture on the right you can see me on that trip. As you can tell from the picture, I felt pretty good then!

The level of success seemed non-stop.

I wasn’t interested in buying a fancy car, but I started thinking about what could be next. Maybe I could afford buying a house.

Jacqui and I had big projects. We started thinking about escaping the crazy cold winters and spend a few months a year in Costa Rica.

But as we started talking about it… the project became even bigger. Why just buy a place in Costa Rica… when we could open a retreat center! We could host events in a tropical paradise, and live there part of the year.

Everything seemed to be getting better and better, and we had awesome projects for the future.

And then, as if the whole thing had been taken out of a bad melodramatic TV Show script, the whole thing fell apart, and I fell to the abyss, feeling like there was no way out of it.

I’ll tell you more about it in my next email.

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