Should You Have a RSS Feed on Your Website?

If you know anything about blogging, you probably are aware of a technical term called RSS feed. The interesting thing is that most people are not familiar with that term.

If you don’t know RSS feed is, this is essentially the “content” source of any blog and most websites nowadays.

People can subscribe to your RSS feed using a program like Google Reader, so they can enjoy leisurely reading your posts, while they browse a hundred different posts from other websites they also subscribe to.

Some people put in big letters on their websites “Subscribe to my RSS Feed!”

I don’t.

I don’t want people to subscribe to my RSS feed! I want them to subscribe to my email list.

If they know anything about RSS feeds, I don’t prevent them from subscribing. But I’m not going to go out of my way to encourage this.

The problem with RSS feed subscribers is that their attention span is limited. They will view your website as a source of “raw data” and free information rather than a one-on-one conversation.

I prefer to communicate with my list by email.

The only times I want people to go to my website is to:

Buy a product
Read a lengthy article
Post a comment on my blog
Watch a video

I don’t want people to go to my website, sign up for my RSS feed, and then never visit my website again and never sign up for the email list.

Remember: it’s all about the list!