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Creating Quality Content

There’s something you can’t buy from the Internet Marketing gurus. Something that really has the power to turn you into a complete success on the Internet.

For sure, you can buy a lot of techniques from the gurus. They can teach you exactly how to get a ton of traffic to your website.

You can learn from them the latest technique for fooling Google into thinking you have a site filled with content, when in fact it’s just a bunch of articles written by underpaid writers in India.

The Internet Marketing gurus do have a lot of techniques you can learn from them, such as:

  • How to create the perfect blog
  • How to use social media
  • How to convert as many visitors into subscribers
  • How to create a “viral” campaign
  • How to write a salesletter that sells products like crazy
  • How to advertise on Google to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website

Most of these techniques have a lot of value.… Read More »

Why Nothing Is Really Free

Economist Milton Friedman is said to have first coined the now popular saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”.

Of course what Friedman meant by that is although some things may appear to be free, such as “free” health-care, “free” roads and “free” public libraries, someone, somewhere, always ends up paying the bill.

We now live in a generation that more than ever seems to have totally embraced the word and concept of “free”.

A lot of kids nowadays think the only way to get their favorite music is to download it for “free” on the Internet and then sync it back to their mp3 player.

They might even laugh at those old people still buying old-fashioned CDs and supporting their favorite artists that way.… Read More »