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Do You Need to Have a “Passion” To Make A Living?

I think one of the most stupid all-encompassing statements I’ve heard pushed over and over again in personal development fields is the notion that you have to make a living with your passion!

Now the reason I’m bringing this up is because I recently got an email from a reader. He says:

“Really, it sounds stupid but, for the life of me I can’t really say I have a passion. I’ve read books, taken tests, I look at what I like and I just can’t see that others would need to know some of the things that I know. My biggest question is just – how do I know what I’m really passionate about?”

I know you’re going to say… Fred, don’t you talk about making a living with your passion?… Read More »

Why Charging Your Worth Is Worth It

Everyone that I help in private coaching initially has the same problem: they are unsure about how much to charge people for their goods and services. They feel bad charging much for their work and tend to be far too modest.

When I push them to charge for what they’re really worth, many people are not only very hesitant for the sake of not selling product, but also for what people will think of them.

“Will people resent me for charging that much? Won’t I get more sales on the product if I just charged less?

I assure them that no, it’s quite the opposite actually.

The more you charge for your products, the MORE people will respect you for it.… Read More »

How to Get Your Website Done… in One Evening!

I found that the biggest problem people have to succeed with their online business is not being able to get a fully functional and monetizable website up and running. People spend months and often years to get it done!

In my upcoming webinars as part of “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement“, I’ll show you how to do it in one evening. Even better: we’ll do it together. Check out this video:

[flv:http://fredrawvideos.s3.amazonaws.com/launchvideo1.flv 476 357]

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