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Living in Costa Rica: Why We’re Leaving

For the past four years I’ve been spending my winters in Costa Rica. Each year, I’ve spent a minimum of four months and up to six months in what most people consider to be a tropical paradise.

That’s in addition to the several months I have spent traveling to this country before, and also visiting other beautiful tropical countries such as Panama, Thailand, Bali, Brazil and French Polynesia.

I’ve loved Costa Rica so much that I’ve thought several times of moving there permanently, making it my home base. Even this year, I looked seriously into completing the process of getting my residency there.

Yet, I’ve decided not to do this, and even more, when I leave in May I’m probably not going to come back to Costa Rica for many years.… Read More »

How to Escape the Winters

I might have told you this before, but in case you don’t know, I hate the winter!

I’m from Montreal, Canada, and one thing Canadians know very well is the snow. And the cold. And the long, dreary winters.

I never really liked wintertime, but as I spent more and more times in sunny and tropical places, I started disliking it even more.

At first, what I needed was at least a few weeks away from the cold and somewhere warm every winter.

Then, I increased that amount to a month or two.

At some point, it became clear that I wanted to avoid the months of January, February and March completely.

Then I realized that December also sucked, and so did April.… Read More »

Panama vs. Costa Rica

I’ve been visiting Costa Rica since 2002, and since that time I’ve spent more than 24 months of my life there. I view Costa Rica as one of the most wonderful places in the world to live in and travel to.

But Costa Rica is not perfect — and no country is, really. But sometimes the shortcomings of Costa Rica are frustrating, so I’ve also looked into Panama, Costa Rica’s most affluent neighbor.

After three trips to Panama and a lot of research on the subject, I think the two countries have a lot in common, but also important differences.

Which place is better to live? It will be up to you to decide but here are the most important differences:

Pros for Costa Rica

Let’s start with where Costa Rica excels.Read More »

Costa Rica is not an island

dsc00061“San Jose is a pretty noisy city, so we’re looking forward to seeing the rest of the island” is actually a quote I overheard a tourist say when they first got to Costa Rica.

Of course, Costa Rica is not an island, nor is it pronounced “Costa Rico”. The confusion probably comes from another island that we all know called “Puerto Rico”.

“I’d love to spend my winters in the tropics like you, but isn’t Costa Rica dangerous? Aren’t there poisonous snakes?” is another question I often got asked.

I live in Central America during the winters because I love warm weather, beautiful tropicalal beaches and waterfalls, sunshine, inexpensive ripe fruits and vegetables and the outdoors.

But Costa Rica (or Panama) is not Miami!… Read More »