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How to Only Work Every Other Week

I was recently inspired by an article by Steve Pavlina (www.stevepavlina.com) on a method for productivity, which consists of working like crazy for a week, and then taking a week off to focus on your personal life.

Steve always has interesting articles and this one caught my attention. So this week I’m turning into a workaholic, working 10-12+ hours every day and doing almost nothing else.

Next week, I’ll be doing almost no work (except a few emails) and instead I’ll focus on all those personal projects I’ve put on hold for too long.

Even though I’ve never tried this particular technique before, I’ve experimented with various ways to separate my work and personal life.

For example, for a number of years a favorite method of mine used to be to rent a hotel room for the weekend and “lock myself up” to work on a single project.… Read More »