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Staying Focused At Home

When most people think about “going to work” or “working”, they think of driving to an office somewhere and doing work with all sorts of other people. Not me, however.

I feel very grateful for being able to work from just about anywhere.

In the last year I have travelled to Paris, Munich, Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco, all on separate trips. And thanks to the power of the internet, I can get all of my work done during these times I’m traveling anywhere in the world.

Of course there are times in the year where I take a full vacation and leave my computer behind. Sometimes it’s nice to totally unplug. But just having the option to work from anywhere can be extremely liberating, even if you still take your computer with you to catch up on work.… Read More »

What’s A Semi Vacation?

I just came back from Maui, where I lived for all of January.

Whenever you tell somebody that you left for a month in a place like Maui, usually they will first respond with, “Wow! How can you just leave for a month like that?”

The Hawaiians would tell me this regularly while I was staying there.

Even the taxi driver who took me back to the airport was surprised that I had been on the island for a month and was just now going back home.

January is a great time to go to Maui, as well as a very popular time to go there.

I was very happy to be in Hawaii for the entire month of January. Back home in Montreal, we experience some *extreme * cold and lots of snow, which there has been a lot of around the world this last year.… Read More »

The Surprising Challenges of Working from Home

“You work from home? Wow! I wish I could do the same.”

If I had a quarter for every time I heard someone tell that to me, I wouldn’t be rich, but I would definitely have enough rolled up quarters to buy myself a stay at a Hilton hotel for a week.

Working from home is often romanticized as the ideal working experience.

You rarely have a boss to tell you what to do and when to do it. And if you do, you never have to face him in person.

Then you can set your own hours, work whenever you feel like it, and NOT work whenever you feel like it, too.

With a laptop, you can work anywhere — lying on your bed in the most comfortable way you can (which I do regularly), in your home office, on your kitchen table, outside on the patio, or with you laptop popped open underneath a coconut tree on some exotic island somewhere.… Read More »