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Creating Quality Content

There’s something you can’t buy from the Internet Marketing gurus. Something that really has the power to turn you into a complete success on the Internet.

For sure, you can buy a lot of techniques from the gurus. They can teach you exactly how to get a ton of traffic to your website.

You can learn from them the latest technique for fooling Google into thinking you have a site filled with content, when in fact it’s just a bunch of articles written by underpaid writers in India.

The Internet Marketing gurus do have a lot of techniques you can learn from them, such as:

  • How to create the perfect blog
  • How to use social media
  • How to convert as many visitors into subscribers
  • How to create a “viral” campaign
  • How to write a salesletter that sells products like crazy
  • How to advertise on Google to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website

Most of these techniques have a lot of value.… Read More »

Interview with Frederic Patenaude on Writing
Jennifer Minar-Jaynes, WritersBreak.com.

I recently did an interview with Jennifer Minar-Jaynes Editor in Chief, at www.WritersBreak.com. She asked me specific questions about making a living while writing.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions. Make sure to also check out Jennifer’s blog.

What were you doing before you became a writer?

I never actually considered that I was really a “writer” until recently. I studied classical music in college, and then became interested in natural health and raw foods. I went on a quest of self-discovery when I was about 20 and worked at different retreat centers in California. I got my first book contract when I was just 22 to write a recipe book for an up-and-coming star in the “raw food” world called “The Sunfood Cuisine”.… Read More »

Why Do People Take Everything Literally

This morning I received a comment about my last article which was entitled “I Hate Winter.” The lady wrote:

“Fred, you sent out an email tonight stating that you hate the Winter season. Wow, that one struck me hard because the use of the word “hate” is very serious, and I couldn’t believe it would come from someone who is supposed to very much deep into nature. What’s going on with this picture? I think you need to apologize to nature and all of your members. I did not appreciate that email and hopefully, in the future you don’t send out an email like that to me anymore. I do not like the use of the word, there is too much animosity there on nature.”

Now, it struck me that this person would actually take everything I write quite literally.… Read More »