Taking the Summer Off

I just got back from my summer away from work. That’s right, for almost eight weeks. I stopped all of my internet work activities. One could call it a vacation or a stay-cation. Call it whatever you want, but it’s a dream many people have. The most common response I received was, “I wish I could do that.”

The best part about it is that, after I came back from my time off, I realized I had been just as profitable as the months prior to my summer. In other words, I made the same amount of money not working as working.

So how did I pull it off?

Naturally, there was some preparation, however, it’s not necessarily what you’d think. I didn’t have to work an extra two months in order to take two months off during the summer. It’s something that I decided to do at the very last minute. I accomplished something very similar to this in the summer of 2008 when I took over three months off from work just before the financial crisis. During that summer, I also made just as much money as when I was working normally.

Now I knew it was time to take another extended summer sabbatical.  You know how we sometimes go through life without taking the time to stop and reflect? I felt this was happening to me, and I wanted some perspective, some time away from work, and I wanted to come back with new ideas. However, I didn’t want to go on a trip as a personal discovery or an adventure. I just wanted to stay home and enjoy life and explore other opportunities.

This time around, it took me about two or three weeks to prepare for an entire summer off. I managed to do this by radically changing my method for taking time off. The secret to this is automation, but not the kind of blind automation you would imagine. What I previously did when I wanted to take some time off but still  maintain my business was to write all of my e-zine articles in advance and pre-program them so they were shipped at specific times. This gave the illusion that I was still actively writing, when in fact, I was sipping a fruit juice on a beach.

However, this takes a lot of time. For every email, you not only have to write it, but also pre-program it to go out, which might take you a couple of hours. If you send out several emails a week, it’s going to take so much time to prepare everything in advance that it’s often more realistic for most people to simply take the time during their vacation to do this.

Then, of course, there’s customer service and other aspects of the internet business to maintain while you’re away. This should include a trained team of people. In that vein, what I discovered is, I could also train people to send out emails for me. The most time consuming part of sending out my e-zine articles is not the actual creation of them, but the technicalities of getting the email out to people.

There are multiple ways in which you can set up your business in order to have more time. It all has to do with your objectives. If you enjoy working constantly, you can set up your business to do just that for you. It will provide you an income while you work. However, you can also set up your business in a way that systems are created that work for you.

Let me be clear, I’m not talking about the concept of true passive income, which has often been claimed but rarely been actualized by most people who try it. The reality is that most Internet entrepreneurs work a lot and very few have figured out how to truly have a passive income stream coming in.

Have you ever asked yourself why people who claim to work so little and make so much money online create so many videos, products, and services teaching you how to do the same? The reality is that they’re actually working a lot, and they’re making money by teaching you or claiming to teach you how to do the same. In other words, they’re selling you the system.

They’re salesmen, but are they living the dream they claim to be? The vast majority are not, otherwise, they wouldn’t be working at all. That being said, while I haven’t figured out a way to stop working completely while still making money, I have figured out a way to work less and take extensive periods of time off while my Internet business provides an income.

That’s what I’ll discuss in my next email.


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