The First Move for Making Money Online

Over the years I have had many people ask me, “What is the very first thing I should do to start making money on the Internet?”

It’s a good question, and the answers to it are not always incredibly obvious. There are a lot of possibilities out there!

First, let’s take a look at what are some of the essential steps necessary to successfully earn a living online:

  • You need a list of people’s names and emails
  • You need a TOPIC to discuss and a relevant domain name
  • You need a functioning website
  • You need some products to sell (your own or affiliate)
  • You need TRAFFIC to your website
  • You need credibility
  • You need salesletters for your products
  • You need to know WHY you’re doing this. What is your ultimate goal, and why do you wish to attain it?

In my course “How to Make a Living in the Natural Health Movement”, I spend a lot of time covering the plan. I believe people should have a good plan before they start investing too much time and energy towards a business that might not work for them. Knowing what you are getting involved and being able to accept total responsibility for it is important!

For example, you might have a great idea, like opening a restaurant, or writing a book. But if you don’t investigate more and be clear about WHY you’re doing this and what your ultimate end goal is, you might end up with a book that nobody wants to buy. Or worse: a business that costs you money and takes up all your time without giving you much in return.

So that’s why I get people to spend several modules to research their market and be sure they’re going in the right direction before investing themselves fully into it.

However, I do think that there’s something even simpler that anyone can do at absolutely any time, and will give you results, even if you’re not clear about your market and what you want to do.

So what is this special technique?

It’s very simple:

Start a blog and write a new article at least 2 or 3 times a week in it.

Anybody can get a WordPress or Blogger account for free and build their own fully-functioning website and blog for nothing more than a bit of investment of your time.

You can always make minor improvements and adjustments over time for very little costs, and having a blog helps you in several ways.

First of all: in spite of the huge popularity of online videos, text is still the dominant medium on the web and the way most people prefer to learn. In fact, a recent survey with over a thousand responses I conducted on my list confirmed this.

In order to get traffic to your website, you need content. And the best content to have is text. Articles, interviews with other experts, guest-written articles, and any other type of content you can create with your words is among the best content to create for your site.

Secondly, if you want to be successful online, you need to establish a routine for writing articles. Chances are that if you don’t start now, you will have problems doing it later. When you start creating “good” habits early on, like getting in the habit of writing great articles several times per week, you’ll only get better at writing articles and it will seem less like “work” to you.

By starting a simple blog with new articles 2-3 times a week, you will learn an incredible amount about writing, the Internet, becoming a successful online entrepreneur, and you will likely be surprised by the amount of positive feedback you get once you start publicizing your blog. If you write what you truly feel about a topic that you feel good about, you are bound to have people appreciate and support what you do.

Even if you realize down the road that you want to change the topic of your website, you will still have gathered all that invaluable experience and have a ton of content that you can use in many different ways.

Content is king on the web. There is simply no way around it. If you have great content, people will come. You will get traffic, and people will start talking and thinking about what it is that you do.

Just writing a short article of about 500 words, every other day, and posting it on a blog is the best way to get started making a living with your passion on the Internet. You can get that started at your public library right now, even if you don’t have a computer.

You don’t need to see the entire staircase, just take the first step!

What have been your experiences with creating content online? Let us know in the comments below.


Yours for health and success,