The Value of Paper vs. Digital

There’s no doubt that we’re going towards an increasingly digital world.

Can you remember the last time you purchased a music CD? If you’re like most people, there’s a good chance that you haven’t in a while.

eBooks are steadily supplanting printed books. Printed newspapers are dying. Almost all movie rental stores like Blockbuster have gone out of business.

But in this increasingly digital world, there will always be a value for paper and physical things.

Did you know that Steve Jobs, the man who can get a lot of credit for launching the “iPod revolution,” preferred to listen to vinyl at home?

It’s interesting to note that as CD sales have plummeted in the last few years, vinyl sales have gone up! There’s a certain group of people that appreciate the sound of vinyl and the tactile element of owning a music collection.

Even in my city, most CD stores have gone out of business, but a store selling old vinyl records is doing extremely well.

Almost every entrepreneur I know has both a love and a dislike for a purely digital life. Many understand the value of getting offline at times, such as using live wall charts instead of always crunching numbers in Excel.

In the consumer market, we’ve seen that people didn’t dislike DVDs. They just became too expensive compared to the digital alternative.

That’s why companies like RedBox — those automated DVD rental machines in the US — are very popular and profitable. Why? Because you can now rent a DVD for $1.50 a day, while you go out grocery shopping, instead of paying $3.99 on iTunes for the 24 hour download.

Even though Kindle sales are booming, I’m still making steady sales of my books in printed format. With the new “Print-on-Demand” technology from CreateSpace, it’s now easier than ever to print with very little investment.

People are overwhelmed with online content. That’s why there will always be a place for the printed paper and other physical media.

That’s why I ship out our bi-monthly newsletter for my coaching program, the Do What You Love Success Group. Pretty soon, we’ll start shipping the DVDs of our live events, too.

Yes, most of media consumption will be digital. But a significant proportion will be offline.

There are many advantages to shipping out many of your products, instead of offering everything digitally. One is that people tend to use your products, instead of sometimes forgetting about their purchase. So it can increase customer satisfaction.

In our own Do What You Love Success Group, you’ll learn all about being successful with both digital and physical products… without having to ship anything yourself!

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