The Write Everyday Challenge!

I’m a few weeks into a “write every day” challenge. I’m on a roll! I’ve already written over 20 new articles and other material.

Why write every day?

It’s a trick used by writers ever since writing has been a profession. The idea is to keep the momentum going. When you write every day, it becomes a habit, and quickly projects that appear significant can happen quickly.

How long does it take to write a book when you write every day?

Weeks or a couple of months, at most.

Write 2000 words a day and you’ll have written a full-length 200-page book in a month!

What about articles?

Writing one article a day means that you’ll have created almost 100 articles after just three months — what I consider to be the minimum for a good content website.

Why Write?

Some people don’t like to write and instead, create videos. However, the best videos are those that come from a script. If you’re sharing random thoughts without any preparation, your videos will be of low quality.

So part of the routine of any good YouTube is to prepare scripts for videos.

Another reason to write is that articles still have more value than Instagram photos, Facebook posts or short videos. Good articles are the basis of quality information that people respect!

Also, sending out regular ezines is important to become successful online. And that means you’ll need to write!

How Many Words to Write?

Start with 500 a day. Then build your way to 1000 or more. I don’t count the words unless I have doubt that I will not write 1000. I recommend doing that when you are getting back into writing. (Not by hand, of course!)

Write every day including weekends.

It’s not that you need to write every day of the year, but how about trying a 30-day challenge? Writing every single day for 30 days means that you’ll have written 15-30 articles in a month or half a decent-sized book! That’s just with 500 words a day.

Stephen King writes every day, including his birthday or weekends. He says that if he doesn’t, it breaks the momentum.

Get YOUR momentum going!

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