This Website Is a Joke, Yet It Works

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I’ve known many people who wanted to make a living doing what they love on the Internet.

They had the best of intentions, and often a great idea.

I wanted them to succeed, yet most of them didn’t!

There are three main reasons for their failures:

1) Their idea wasn’t a good one to begin with (that’s pretty rare)
2) They were confused and information overwhelmed, leading to “analysis paralysis” (very common)
3) They worked HARD but on the wrong things. (almost universal).

The problem is that most people get overwhelmed.

This leads them to dedicate their attention on the wrong things, or simply not take any action at all.

The solution to this is to get rid of the information overload by simplifying what you have to do into only a few simple steps. Then focus on those, and eliminate everything else.

My friend Olivier was my original mentor who taught me these lessons.

When he first got started, he started his own business because he actually was broke and needed to do something quickly!

He had bought lots of courses and had studied all of the information, but he didn’t have much time. That’s why he put together an ugly little website to start building a list on his topic of choice: energy medicine.

At the time, he thought he would just put up the website and then later change it to something better.

But then something weird happened…

His website was so effective, that when he tested it against a better-looking website, his tests showed that the simpler website worked best!

The website with a nice logo and more graphics did worst.

So that’s why he kept the same website to build his list. If you’d like to see it, I posted the main page at:


I’m not saying that your website has to be ugly with no graphics.

What I’m saying is that you need to focus on only a few things at a time, and generally that doesn’t include putting together a website with the best logo you can imagine.

Let me give you another example.

Years ago, I had a friend who wanted to make a living online in the fitness industry. This guy was so knowledgeable on his topic, and he was also pretty successful in his main career in the finance world.

He was what we could call an “information junkie.”

He had bought ALL of the courses on marketing he could find, and some of them cost up to $5000.

He had a GREAT project for a website to start making a living with his passion.

Yet, every time I would talk to him, he would tell me:

“Oh, I’m still working on the logo… almost there!”

I kept telling him that the logo wasn’t important. That he needed to focus his attention somewhere else.

But he wouldn’t listen.

He had all the information he needed to succeed, but information wasn’t enough. He had too much of it! He focused on the wrong things, and never progressed.

If you want to make a living on the Internet, your goal is to build a list, and make ONE sale. That should be your first goal.

That’s it!

One of my best students is Swayze Foster, from the website Fit On Raw (

Swayze is or was a full-time student in college, but yet managed to build her business on the side. And now she makes several thousands a month with it (I know because I regularly send her commissions for referring some of my products!).

The reason Swayze was successful is because she not only took my advice but actually listened to it!

Other people often listen to the advice, and then go on to do something entirely different!

Swayze was very systematic.

First, she built her website (, exactly how she should. The design was simple (but beautiful). The navigation was basic. But it had all the elements it needed.

Then, she started advertising to build a list.

Once she had a few thousand people on her list, she created her first product.

Swayze succeeded because she focused on the right things at the right time!

Now she’s doing YouTube videos, and is pretty successful with that, but at first that’s not where she focused her attention.

She focused her attention where she needed to WHEN she needed to.

How to Succeed

If you’re not successful, it can be for a number of reasons:

1) Your idea is bad. That’s pretty rare, but it can happen. The best way to avoid this is to ask an experienced person what they think of it.

2) You’re not doing anything. That’s generally caused by information overload and can be remedied by information destruction, what we promise to do in our eCoaching!

3) You’re doing the wrong things. That’s the most common reason. People focusing on all sorts of useless tasks, or doing them at the wrong time.

The best way to succeed is to get coaching and a clear, step-by-step plan.

That’s why I decided to do the Internet Lifestyle eCoaching next month.

I managed to get my original mentor Olivier on board for this special project.

We want to create an environment where success becomes possible because you’re getting:

– The right information (and we promise, we’ll keep it simple!)
– The right coaching

With the right information and coaching, you can succeed. Your coach will help you avoid mistakes and will help you focus.

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