Travel Now, Not Later

One of the most common things on a “bucket list” or just a retirement list is to travel the world.

In some ways this makes sense. You’ll retire at some point, or you’ll work less. Presumably, your kids will be busy with their lives; you’ll have plenty of time, and you might even have a retirement nest egg.

So you’ll travel the world!



You should do it a lot sooner!

As people get close to retirement, they sometimes get excited because that when they’ll supposedly get in shape, spend more time with their grandkids, reconnect with old friends or… travel!

My mom, who’s now retired, tells me that people do in retirement exactly what they did in their working lives, except that they might have more time for it. But most people don’t start doing NEW things during retirement.

Yes, it’s important to save for retirement. But everything you sacrifice on the road to retirement, including putting off until later your dreams and aspirations, cannot be easily regained.

If you start planning for retirement and putting a lot of thinking into what you’ll do then, you might be disappointed when you get there.

I shouldn’t put off traveling or any the other main goal until later.

First, what tells you you’ll be around then? You might die first.

What tells you that you’ll be in good health? Your perfect diet does not entirely prevent you from getting sick unexpectedly. There are dozens of ways to get sick that have nothing to do with nutrition.

Life can get in the way. Your aging parents might require more care and attention. Your kids might need help. Traveling could be a lot more expensive, or the world could be a very different place then, politically for example.

I heard an accountant recently say that when you’re in your 20s or 30s, you have to be rich or unconscious to travel frequently. You’ll do so only at the expense of your retirement.

I beg to differ.

First, I’m not suggesting getting into debt to travel.

When we look at ordinary expenses, I can find at least a dozen places where most people can spend less, especially car and transportation, before having to say that you must wait until retirement to live your dreams.

If you want to travel, do it now. Later might be too late.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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