What’s A Semi Vacation?

I just came back from Maui, where I lived for all of January.

Whenever you tell somebody that you left for a month in a place like Maui, usually they will first respond with, “Wow! How can you just leave for a month like that?”

The Hawaiians would tell me this regularly while I was staying there.

Even the taxi driver who took me back to the airport was surprised that I had been on the island for a month and was just now going back home.

January is a great time to go to Maui, as well as a very popular time to go there.

I was very happy to be in Hawaii for the entire month of January. Back home in Montreal, we experience some *extreme * cold and lots of snow, which there has been a lot of around the world this last year.

Most people go to Maui on vacation for a week, maybe two. I like to go for the full month, as I want to escape the winter back home.

The only reason I am able to do so is because of the Internet Lifestyle. I know it may sound like a cliché, but it’s really true.

I could have stayed there all winter if I had wanted to, but I stayed for a month due to life with friends, family, and other factors keeping me from wanting to live in Hawaii full-time.

When I go somewhere, there are two options that are open to me: either it is going to be a real, full-on vacation or it will be a semi-vacation.

During that time, I would answer emails and send out content that I had already written in advance.

I worked from Maui, but I still got to enjoy the ocean by going snorkeling every morning, and even going scuba diving during the week.

Maui is not a bad place to be stuck in, especially in January, so I wasn’t too sad about having to get some work done in order to stay there.

Let’s talk about the different types of travel you can experience once begin to live the Internet Lifestyle.

#1: Working From Somewhere Else

Working from somewhere else means just that: relocating and completing all of the work that you would normally do back home, working normal hours.

The number of hours you work every day really has to do with your motivation, how advanced you are with your business, and how high the cost of living is.

For example, many people call themselves “tech-nomads” and have relocated to the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Most of these people are guys in their 20s or 30s
who have moved there for the winter.

This tech-nomad movement was featured in a local newspaper recently. The movement was inspired by Tim Ferris’ book, “The Four-Hour Work Week”, and grew as a movement as people learned that Chiang Mai is a great place to relocate for the winter months.

The cost of living is low, and there is an entire infrastructure built around people going there to become tech-nomads. The government is perfectly fine with this as the people there are just working from Internet cafes and stimulating the local economy.

As long as these nomads comply with the local visa requirements, there really is no issues with them living and working from there.

When you work from somewhere else, it’s as easy as finding and renting a place to live and living and working there as you would from home. With the convenience of the Internet Lifestyle, this is easy to do. I did this for many years by relocating to Costa Rica every winter.

I’d spend 3-6 months in Costa Rica every year, renting an apartment and continuing my life there just as I would back home. I would be working the same schedule as I would be back home, with the only difference being I was living and working someplace sunny and beautiful with a low cost of living.

Even though I had to rent a separate apartment, it didn’t cost me any more than living back home because all my other costs were so much lower.

My food expenses were significantly lower, I didn’t have to pay heating bills, and all of my utilities were very low. What I saved in those areas paid for the extra rent, activities, and even my flight to get there.

#2. The Semi-Vacation

The semi-vacation is where you are traveling and enjoying a bit of a break, but you are maintaining a certain amount of your normal workload from wherever you are.

For example, in my first two weeks stay in Maui, I was not working the several hours every day that I normally do. Instead, I was working on average 60-90 minutes per day.

When you are on a semi-vacation, you are mostly taking care of the basics to keep things going: sending out eZines to your email list, answering emails, and other basic necessities to manage your business.

You put everything else aside for a while and can recycle some of your previous content, use content that you have written and prepared in advance, or even just send less content out than you normally do while you’re away.

I had an extended semi-vacation that lasted over eight months during 2010/2011 and took me to over 25 different countries.

During that time, I would usually work 1-2 hours per day and then have 1-2 days per week where I worked my normal hours. This allowed me to maintain my normal income during this entire period, yet still have the opportunity to visit many different countries and experience numerous beautiful places.

The advantage of the semi-vacation is that when you only have an hour of work to do per day, it doesn’t really feel like work. You can get it done in the morning and then have the rest of your day to yourself.

Putting in this one hour per day allows you to avoid becoming overwhelmed with work when you come back home. This bit of work put in also helps you pay for your time there, which is a phenomenal and unique feeling many people haven’t yet experienced.

The disadvantage is that work will still be on your mind somewhat every day, but if you manage it right it can be incredibly liberating and allow you to get your work done while living your life in many new, exciting places.

#3. The Full-On Vacation

Even though you can work from anywhere and have the option of going on an extended semi-vacation by living the Internet Lifestyle, you’ll still want to plan some true vacation time in your schedule

This tends to be difficult for entrepreneurs as they generally are the types of people who want to work all the time.

I know this is difficult for me personally, but I still try to take a true vacation a couple times per year. This involves not thinking about work of any kind and not even having my computer with me.

This is the ultimate. The freedom of the Internet Lifestyle allows you do this more and more often, but even having to just work for an hour or two per day is incredibly liberating.

But first, you have to have everything set up. You need a website that sells products. You need to get the machine turning!

If you’d like to learn how to do this, the best way to get started is by checking out my course on how to write eBooks, “How To Write and Sell Your Own eBooks in 24 Hours or Less”. It’s been completely revised for 2015, and I highly recommend you check it out.