Where to Market Your Products in the Future

Where to Market Your Products in the Future

Imagine the world 10 years from now. Imagine that at that moment you are doing what you love, selling your books and products in the natural health field on the Internet.

Where are you going to market your products?

The world is changing at a rapid pace, so we have to keep up with the times. The beauty of the Internet is we can create a truly international marketplace. We’re not bound to one particular country.

It’s also undeniable that some countries are on the way up, while others are on the way down.

English is still the international language and there’s absolutely no sign of that changing any time soon. You can expect that in 10 years more people around the world will be speaking English as a second language.

However, as countries develop, their population will start to experience the same health problems that we Westerns have (cancer, heart disease, etc.). So there’s no doubt that natural health is a growing market.

Which countries are on the way up and which one are on the way down?

The whole of Asia is on the way up. Having visited Thailand recently, I can attest that the population is very young, very dynamic, and eager to improve their standards of living.

My book Raw Secrets is about to be published in Mandarin Chinese, and I see China as an important market to tap into in the future.

India, of course, is on the way up too.

Japan is on the way down. Their aging population and economic problems are eventually going to displace them as the second largest economy in the world.

All of Western Europe is on the way down. With their unsustainable welfare system, an aging population and major demographic problems, as well as tensions within the European union, Europe is beyond redemption and won’t ever bounce back with the same strength in the years to come.

Australia however, is on the way up, and can only profit as a major exporter to Asian countries, as their economies grow.

Canada has huge natural resources and enough land to support a much higher population, so it could go up or down, depending on many factors.

The US is currently the greatest market for natural health in the world, and in spite of the current problems, the spirit of the American people is always something to never totally underestimate. So I have faith that it will still remain the largest market for natural health for years to come.

Once you have your business setup, I suggest that you continue your emphasis on the North American and Australian market, but keep in the back of your head that you could eventually expand to other Asian countries if needed.