Why Bloggers Don’t Make Any Money

Most people think that a great way to make a living on the Internet is through a blog like blogspot where you talk about your life and the things you like and get people to follow you.


Most bloggers are barely able to generate a few hundred dollars a month with their website, even when they get a ton of traffic. They put out so much great content, yet they don’t have many things to sell and build a faithful audience of people who love to read their free information, but don’t reciprocate by buying anything in return.

Sure some bloggers have paid advertisers on them, but they they are selling someone else’s information and when their readers click on the ads they leave their site and go somewhere else.

So if blogs don’t work, then what does?

The list-based approach has always worked best.

That means that the main thing that you do and offer is an ezine subscription. The great content that you send is sent by email. You want people to look forward to receiving your content in their email inboxes, not go to your website to read it.

Sure, you may want to have a blog to complement this approach, but the main goal of your blog is to actually get traffic so that people sign up for your list!

Once people sign up for your list, you may occasionally want to send them to your website to post comments on articles, but generally, you want to get them hooked to your emails, not your blog.

That’s the true mistake that bloggers make. They think that because they get a lot of traffic, they have a business. But all they have is a time-consuming hobby that earns them less than minimum wage.