Why You Don’t Succeed Making a Living on the Internet

A few years ago, a friend of mine got inspired by my example and decided to make a living on the Internet. That friend had a great passion for fitness and wanted to build a website on the topic.

He was very knowledgeable, very bright, and very hard-working.

The problem is that it didn’t work.

He never succeed with his dream of making a living with his passion.

I taught my friend everything he needed to know, and he even took my courses. Yet, nothing concrete ever happened.

The reason why he wasn’t successful was pretty clear to me, but not to him. And I think his situation probably reflects your OWN.

Why are you still subscribed to this list? Maybe you’re still interested in making it happen for yourself… but the question is: why haven’t you done it yet?

Here are the most common reasons for failure.

1) Overwhelm

My friend had an addiction to buying books and courses on the Internet. He was an “information addict.” He had SO MUCH material, and every time would go in a different direction.

Let me give you two examples:

– A few years ago, people were selling methods for building a website by submitting articles to what we call an “article directory.” This method worked for a few years, but now it’s pretty much obsolete. Yet my friend bought and tried a whole course on the topic.

– When social media sites like Twitter and Facebook became popular, my friend couldn’t help but buying courses on how to succeed online using social media. The problem: he’s still not successful!

Many other methods are popular and sold by gurus, but each of those method requires full dedication of all your time and energy!

The problem is: people try to do a little bit of everything… all at once! They get overwhelmed, and nothing gets done.

2) Doing the Wrong Things

I told my friend exactly what to do, but he didn’t listen to me. Let’s say that he wasn’t a great student.

He kept spending his time doing the wrong things!

For example: he spent nearly six months working on the “logo” of his website and making the design of it look nice, even though I told him that it wasn’t important at first.

Other people waste their time building YouTube channels, social media fan pages… even though those things are essentially waste of time at the beginning stages.

Unless you have a business that makes a lot of sales every month already, there’s no reason for you to have a Facebook fan page.

3) No Direction

My friend didn’t succeed because he had no direction. He was trying dozens of strategies all at once and wasting his energies like a caged animal running in all directions.

What he needed was someone to take all of his piles of books and courses and literally throw them in the trash.

And then he needed to hear loud and clear: “This is complete crap.”

If you want to be successful doing what you love on the Internet, you should only focus on one or two projects at a time! And those projects will be VERY SIMPLE at first.

Everything else should be put on the side and forgotten. You need to be focused.

4) No Coaching

My friend didn’t succeed because he didn’t get coaching. He paid for information and advice, but then did the exact opposite.

A few years ago, a wise friend told me, “Fred, there’s no point in paying for coaching if you’re not going to follow the advice you get.”

It’s important to work with a coach that will steer you in the right direction and force you to take action. Only extremely disciplined and organized individuals can make it without coaching.

What’s Next

I’m actually sick and tired of seeing people have a dream and not be able to follow it just because they do stupid things.

They get overwhelmed, they listen to the wrong advice, they have no direction, and they have no one coach them.

That’s why this month I’ll be offering a unique program for all of you who really want to succeed making a living doing what you want, but feel you’re going in the wrong direction right now.

Listen… you can’t make it without coaching and a clear simple plan!

This program is something I’ve never done before. It’s both for people that have taken my previous courses, or that have never done anything yet.

It’s called the Internet Lifestyle eCoaching, and it will seriously rock!

If you’ve taken some of our courses before but haven’t done much with them, then you’ll find in this program the necessary motivation and coaching to make it work.

If you’re brand new, this will be a great starting point to launch a successful website.

I’ll let you know more about this in my next email…

Yours for health and success,