Why You Should Never Organize a Health Retreat

Everyone who’s involved in the natural health movement eventually entertains the idea of organizing some kind of health retreat.

You know what I’m talking about?

Go to Hawaii or the Bahamas… rent a hotel for a week, get a few guest speakers to come, feed everybody raw foods and fresh juices, organize fitness classes every day and give entertaining and interesting lectures.

When the economy is great, people might sign up for your health retreat. But in most cases, you’re not going to make a profit.

The vast majority of health retreats are either in the red or barely manage to scrape by a few meager dollars for the hundreds of hours of hard work they put into it.

In the cases where people have made a decent amount with a health retreat, if you were to divide the profits by all the hours of work they put into it, most people are shocked that they worked all this time for much below minimum wage.

It’s extremely difficult to convince anyone to leave the country nowadays.
It’s even more difficult to get them to spend a few thousand dollars on a health retreat.

Even when you think you’ve charged enough for a health retreat, you will have so many unexpected expenses that in the end, you will find out that you did not charge enough.

My recommendation is to not attempt to organize a health retreat.

If you won’t listen to my advice and do it anyway, I recommend positioning it as a high-end health retreat and charge at least $4000 for one week. 

I know it sounds like a lot, but believe me, this is the strict minimum you’ll need to charge to make it worth your while.

The only other option is to organize a “cheapo” retreat in a cheap country like Thailand or Bali…, but even then you’ll run into similar problems.

What’s a better option?

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