Winter Amnesia Hits Again!

I wrote a few times before about this strange “phenomenon” I discovered in my early years traveling the world as an author of raw food books.

After my extended visit to California in my early twenties, when I got to meet and work with the pioneers of the raw food diet and lifestyle — David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens and many others — I relocated to Montreal.

I had not experienced a winter in three years!

It was a rude awakening. I came back from this long trip on February 14th, 2000 — Valentine’s Day and the worst snowstorm of the season. The rest of the winter was also unforgiving.

But when spring and summer came, I forgot all about it.

Some years I ended up traveling or relocating to warm countries. But some years I stayed home or delayed my trip until the winter was well underway.

And every time I thought to myself: I think I can live with the winter. It’s just a question of attitude! I’ll learn to love it, and maybe it won’t be so bad after all.

But to be completely honest with you: I hate the winter!

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At the same time, I don’t want to relocate full-time abroad, in a place like Costa Rica. I have done it already, but realized I prefer to establish my home-base in North America, and more specifically in the beloved province of Quebec where I grew up.

As much as I love my city (Montreal) and my country, I can certainly live without the worst of the winter, which is from December until somewhere in March, give or take.

So let’s say that I’m a special Snowbird: I’m not retired, but as a bird, I fly to warmer climes when I smell a change in weather! 

Every year for the past eight years or so, I’ve spent a good chunk of the winter in a sunny, warm place. I have to say, growing up in Montreal, Canada, had made me appreciate more temperate climate, especially during the brutal winter months.

Many people would love to be able to work from anywhere and become Snowbirds, travel extensively, relocate to another city or state, or other more creative setup.

It’s now possible to do so, more than ever!

Even people in Florida want to get away from the tourist for a bit during the winter.

I once met an American guy on the island of Moorea, in Tahiti, who spent six months a year there because he thought Maui, his other home, was becoming too developed.

Going from one tropical paradise to another!

All you need to do is to design the life you want and figure out a plan to get there.

I have pretty much experimented with all of those possibilities. A trip around the world with my ex-wife. Moving to another country (Costa Rica), spending the winter down South, and just plain leaving when I don’t like the weather.

It’s all possible because of the way I have set up my website. I can tell you I would not be able to do this if I had set it up in any other way like many “gurus” tell you to do.

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