You Can’t Force Passion


“Doctor, I lost my passion and my drive, what can I do?”

“Well, it could be because you are depressed. Let’s fill out this questionnaire, and we’ll find out.”

Minutes later…

“I think you’re going through a depressive episode. I’m going to recommend a work cessation for a few weeks, psychotherapy, and also a pharmaceutical solution. Anti-depressants have come a long way. There are some new molecules that are particularly effective and without many side-effects…”

“Doctor, will I regain my passion and my drive after?”


This scene is quite typical, although the questions and answers will be different.

And when you’ve lost your drive and your passion, everyone will have an answer for you. You often don’t need a doctor to give you advice because you’ll find it everywhere! And most of it is quite useless.

  • “Perhaps if you should try a new project.”
  • “Do more exercise!”
  • “You need an extended vacation.”
  • “Do something you love!”

Losing your passion and your drive never feels good. But it feels even worst when you try out suggestions that sound reasonable and nothing changes.

You’re doing everything right, but you don’t feel better. You feel like you’ve lost something.

What can cure you?

Perhaps you’re going through a depression, as a doctor might say. I’m not going to neglect that possibility. But let me offer my two cents on this.

Passion is not something you can force.

It’s not something that you can “find.”

If you’ve lost your passion for something, you may not always find it somewhere else. What you lost is your drive.

There’s a disconnect between the way you want to live your life and the way you’re living it. You feel “lost.”

I speak from experience here.

Trying to “find a new passion” when you’ve lost your drive and your passion, in general, isn’t going to work. You have to reconnect with yourself.

How do you do that?

You start paying REAL attention to your dreams and aspirations, and you stop listening to other people.

Stop asking for advice!

Oftentimes, our friends and family will have especially bad advice for you.

Start listening to your instincts. What do you want to do? What do you feel is missing in your life?

And more importantly: what can you do soon to get you closer to who you are and how you’d like to live your life?”

2017 is the year to ask those questions and find the answers you are looking for!