Don’t Make This Mistake

I see people making this mistake over and over again when they are building an internet business: they don’t ask themselves enough questions in the beginning. They just want to make a living doing something they love, but they often choose the wrong business model to get them there.

You have to ask yourself questions about why you are creating an internet business. What exactly are you after?

  • Is it the passion of spreading the word about something that is aligned with your values?
  • Is it about making more money?
  • Is it about working less and having more free time?

If you don’t ask yourself these questions, you will end up making the mistake that I once made (and many others have), which is to create a business that doesn’t fit your specific needs.

I came close to making this mistake when I wanted to open a retreat center in Costa Rica. Fortunately, I realized that it would be a giant money pit. Furthermore, it wouldn’t fit with my goals of flexibility, freedom, and lifestyle.

Some people want to work with others. They are happy managing a team and being dynamic all the time. Others are more introverted and prefer to work at home, in the quiet, without the need to deal with those enormous responsibilities.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on larger teams, but I’ve found that it’s not my cup of tea. I’m more at ease working in smaller groups, having flexibility and control over what I do. For me, that’s the purpose of what I do: the internet lifestyle.

This affords me the flexibility, time, and money to do the things that I love without being tied down to a particular location or to a set of responsibilities. So if I want to spend a month in Hawaii, I can. If I want to travel the world for six months, I can. I would much rather work my current schedule of three or four days a week than to work six days a week and be stressed out, in the hope of building something big.

It seems that our culture is obsessed with big goals and big dreams. I’m not against that, but if you are just doing it because that’s what society pushes and you end up burning out, you’ve made the wrong decision. Don’t dream too big because you think it will impress others. Or because you feel there is some sort of destiny to accomplish.

Instead, ask yourself, what is the most important thing in life that’s missing from my current line of work? What are you passionate about that would fill that void?

If you can find the answer to that key question, you can build a successful business that is aligned with filling such a void.

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To Your Success – Frederic